Month: January 2018

Kickstarter – This Wireless iPhone Charger is 7.5X Faster Than Yours

Imagine if the work day went by 7.5X quicker. Your car could go 7.5X as fast. And your life ended 7.5X sooner. Wait, that last one’s bad. But a faster wireless iPhone charger? That, we can all agree, is a good thing. Introducing the HyperDrive 8-in-1 USB-C Hub, an unbelievably studly device that’s now available on Kickstarter. Apple Introduces Wireless Charging, Finally When Apple announced last fall that its iPhone 8, 8 Plus, and X would offer wireless charging, it was sort of like getting proposed to after dating for 15 years. We all knew it was coming, but expected it...

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Använda – A Great F*cking Bag That Holds Your Sh*t

Oh good heavens, such fruity language! Someone alert the FAA! Wait, they monitor air safety. Someone alert the FCC! Actually, don’t. The Använda Bag is way too cool to be politically correct. Använda Bag’s One-Of-A-Kind Kickstarter Branding   A lesson for marketers: People are sick of boring branding. If you want to sell, you’ve got to stand out. And what better way to do that than to riddle your campaign page with swear words? In a world saturated with bland marketing, Använda gets it. Their campaign page is laugh out loud funny. But their witty satire isn’t just humorous, it’s earning them a boat load...

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Crowdfunding Scams in 2018 (8 Proven Ways to Avoid Them)

You don’t have to send money to a distressed Nigerian prince to fall victim to a scam. And that, my friends, should scare the crap out of you. Scammers are getting smarter. And, believe it or not, today’s fraudsters can fool even the most “woke” among us. So pull up a chair, and adjust those reading glasses. You’re now on a crash course that will help you avoid nefarious crowdfunding shysters once and for all. Just send us your social security number first.    Spotting a Crowdfunding Scam   1. This seems too good to be true. In crowdfunding,...

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Bio Bidet Rocks, No Butt’s About It

Watch out Charmin, bidets are on the rise and Bio Bidet is leading the charge. Bidets are no longer a European novelty, luxury item, or exclusively for the wealthy. They’re becoming a household staple here in the States. Bio Bidet on Kickstarter Bio Bidet strives to eliminate the stigma surrounding bidets, and instead highlight the health and environmental benefits they provide with their consumer friendly option, the Slim TWO. Their Kickstarter campaign, featuring the new Slim TWO model, is currently trending to raise over $200,000. Through strategically crafted Facebook advertising campaigns and public relations hits from outlets like Digital Trends,...

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DudeRobe on Shark Tank – Kickstarter Success Proves This is NOT Your Grandma’s Bathrobe

There was a time when the only people who wore bathrobes were super models, creepy old men, and Will Ferrell in Wedding Crashers. But apparently those days are over. Bathrobes are back, in large part thanks to DudeRobe’s towel-lined, lounging apparel made for any righteous bro from the suburbs of Boston to the beaches of Mailbu. How much did DudeRobe raise on Kickstarter? DudeRobe raised nearly $70,000 on Kickstarter back in the summer of 2017 with the promise of making bathrobes cool again. And by most accounts, they have. This isn’t a $12 robe you can get from Walmart. It’s...

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