Month: April 2018

NATEDE – Why this air filter is the coolest thing on Kickstarter [Seriously]

Uh-oh. Indoor air is up to 5X more polluted than outdoor air. That’s kinda scary. But before you go looking for 5-star face masks on Amazon, consider NATEDE instead. It’s a smart natural air purifier that looks like a house plant. Because, well, it is a house plant.     Can your house plants do this?   NATEDE will have you looking at your current house plants in disgust. “What have you done for me lately, fern?!” Its answer? Absolutely nothing. NATEDE’s different in a few ways. Yes, it’s a real, living plant, but it’s also packed with some...

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Xpand Kickstarter – The absolute best $9 you’ll ever spend [we promise]

Charles Harris. The man. The myth. The legend. And someone who you’ve probably never heard of. Until now.     He’s quite possibly the Godfather of Crowdfunding, and almost certainly the King of Kickstarter. Six projects created. 45,000 backers. And $1.2 million raised and counting. So just who is the creator of the Xpand Quick Release Lacing System? You’re about to find out.   Can you see Russia from your house?   Hailing from the bustling metropolis of Anacortes, Washington, Charles lives just a stone’s throw away from our neighbors to the north. He enjoys fishing, golfing, camping —...

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Anywhere Tools: A Mind-Blowing Multi-Tool Batman Would Love

Here’s the deal with multi-tools… There are basically two types: 1. Cheap pieces of junk that are essentially glorified bottle openers. 2. Military-grade weapons of mass destruction that fit in your pocket. They’re flip sides of the same coin, and both pretty impractical for the average joe. So the team behind Anywhere Tools set out to create a versatile multi-tool somewhere in the middle. A sleek, modular multi-tool that’s WAY more than a bottle opener, but also doesn’t weight 1,000 pounds and come with more features than even a Navy SEAL would need. So what makes this multi-tool different?...

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EufyCam – What made this revolutionary camera raise $3.1 million?

30% of U.S. households have some sort of security system. The other 70% must not have seen the EverCam yet.     You had a good run, ADT   This wireless security camera raised nearly $500,000 on Kickstarter… In 24 hours. Leaving both potential burglars, and traditional security system companies, shaking in their boots. For years, home security companies shoved overpriced bundles down the throats of concerned homeowners — enticing them with ultra-low introductory rates before jacking up their fees come year two. Well, it’s safe to say those days are over. Thanks to the simplicity and brilliant design of the...

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Achilles Chef’s Knife > Cutco (7 Reasons Why)

I once bought a chef’s knife at Wal-Mart for $0.89. True story. That purchase proves 2 things: I knew nothing about knives. I’m not very bright. Needless to say, that thing couldn’t cut through butter on a hot summer’s day. It was a piece of junk. The Achilles Knife costs more than $0.89. And for good reason. It can cut through just about anything.     Cutco will brainwash you   A quick side-story before we get into the specs of this knife. My buddy sold Cutco Knives the summer before he started college. He stole his high school’s parent...

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