Month: July 2018

Kickstarter’s NanoPen is pretty freakin’ bada** (but is it worth $20?)

If James Bond carried a pen, this would be it.     Fact: The NanoPen could probably kill you   The NanoPen is kind of like a sleeping guard dog. Sure, it looks cute and cuddly… But mess with it once and it just might kill you. I don’t think they intended to market this as a weapon. But NanoPen does have a super strong Tugsten Carbide tip. Didn’t get a 5 on your AP Chem exam? Here’s what you need to know: Tugsten Carbide is strong as Hell. So you know it’s durable, but what else can this versatile mini-pen do?...

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Bristly Brushing Stick – 5 fun reasons your dog will LOVE this toothbrush!

Let’s say you’re out walking Fido in the park, right? Everything’s going great. Nice day, sun’s shining. But suddenly Fido’s gotta go #2. “No problem,” you think as you turn around to let him do his business in peace. After a minute you turn back around, and Fido’s at your feet practically begging for a kiss. You LOVE dog kisses so you bend down and let him get a good lick in. After he’s licked every ounce of salt from your face, you grab your poop bag and go to pick up his business. Only you can’t find anything. You...

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Kickstarter Tips 2018: Save a BOAT LOAD of money (with 5 secret tips)

Trust me, I know A LOT about saving money. My middle name is T.J. Maxx for God’s sake. Actually, it’s David. But you don’t give a crap about that. Because YOU are here to find out how to save your hard earned moolah on Kickstarter. And I’M here to give you just what you’re after. Here are 5 easy ways to save money on Kickstarter. 1. Sign up for Kickbooster Being a Kickstarter fan and not using Kickbooster is like wearing cargo shorts to a fashion show — it just doesn’t make any sense. Kickbooster’s Marketplace is a money-saving gold mine....

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Is PLEVO really the world’s best smart luggage?

There was a time when people wore suits to fly. Now you’re lucky if the dude seated next to you is even wearing any pants. It’s true, this smart luggage won’t help you win that battle for the armrest. But PLEVO’s brilliantly designed smart luggage will make your next trip go a whole lot smoother.     PLEVO’s smart luggage is actually… smart   Smart luggage has been around for a while now. But most of the traditional features offered by current suitcases are pretty dang dumb. PLEVO changes the game with dozens of epic features that you’ll actually...

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Chiller’s Pack – Should you get this Kickstarter hybird backpack cooler?

“We forgot the ice.” Possibly the four most disheartening words in the English language. A ruiner of camping trips and date nights alike. Good thing Chiller’s Pack keeps drinks cold for 24 hours without ice. But how on Earth does it work? You’re about to find out.   How does Chiller’s Pack keep drinks cold without ice?   The short answer to that question is, “I have no freakin’ idea.” I think it’s some kind of gel? Look I got a 1 on my AP Chem exam, OK. (Sorry Mr. Karns) All I know is this keeps beer cans,...

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