Month: July 2018

Chiller’s Pack – Should you get this Kickstarter hybird backpack cooler?

“We forgot the ice.” Possibly the four most disheartening words in the English language. A ruiner of camping trips and date nights alike. Good thing Chiller’s Pack keeps drinks cold for 24 hours without ice. But how on Earth does it work? You’re about to find out.   How does Chiller’s Pack keep drinks cold without ice?   The short answer to that question is, “I have no freakin’ idea.” I think it’s some kind of gel? Look I got a 1 on my AP Chem exam, OK. (Sorry Mr. Karns) All I know is this keeps beer cans,...

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🌕 Moon Pod… out of this world? or a major flop? (7 vital things to know)

There comes a time in every man’s life… When he needs to look himself in the mirror, takes a deep breath, and say: “It’s time to order that sick beanbag thingy from Kickstarter.”     Wait, what’s it called?   Apparently “sick beanbag thingy” didn’t do too well in market tests, so the team behind this zero-gravity beanbag called it Moon Pod instead. Which is a missed opportunity if you ask us. But whatever you call it, this lounger’s ridiculously awesome. Here’s why you NEED a Moon Pod in your house.   7 reasons to get a Moon Pod...

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