Month: August 2018

Is The Travel Line Backpack worth $235? (5 crucial things to know)

When I say Kickstarter, you say… BACKPACKS! In the last year, there have been more backpacks launched on Kickstarter than ants on a fallen popsicle in the middle of July. And honestly, most of them are complete junk. Sorry, but it’s true. The Travel Line, though, is far from trash. Here are 5 reasons it’s raised nearly $3 million (already).     1. The Travel Line expands & compresses with ease   A ton of backpacks expand. But how many compress just as easily? When fully expanded, you can fit a week’s worth of stuff in this bag. But...

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SHIROI HANA – 7 things you should know about these razor-sharp knives

A lot of people don’t know this about me, but I’m a knife expert… If you consider hastily chopping onions with my 12-year-old, dull-as-crap, chef’s knife valuable experience, that is. No, I’m no Julia Child. But I’ve watched more cheesy infomercials about kitchen gadgets than I’d like to admit. So when I saw SHIROI HANA’s 7.5 inch Japanese Chef’s knife chop a pineapple in half with more ease than a Tom Brady touchdown pass, you can bet your butt my interest piqued.   7 reasons you’ll love SHIROI HANA knives   1: They’re made with 67 layers of razor-sharp...

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Spyra One Water Gun – Is this thing for kids or adults? (Or both?)

Where the heck was this when I was a kid?!?! I remember my water guns having about as much power as a pre-teen bodybuilder. But the Spyra One? Now that’s a completely different beast.   Spyra One: Official water gun of Batman   If Batman needed a water gun, he’d pick this one. It delivers over a thousand high-powered, precise shots on a single charge, automatically refills in seconds, and never requires hand pumping. Spyra One even has a digital shot counter, and delivers consistent high-pressure from shot 1 to 1,000. Because there’s nothing worse than getting shot in the back by your Uncle,...

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Kickstarter Technology – Best Projects of 2018 (Updated Monthly)

August 2018 5. Coolbox – The entertainment cooler     Yeah, yeah, I know. There’s some cooler out there named after Bigfoot that’s pretty good. I get it. But unless you have a six-figure bank account nicknamed “Play money,” they’re pretty dang tough to afford. Coolbox offers a high-tech alternative to Yeti that performs just as well and has WAY more features. From built-in marine-grade speakers to USB charging ports, this techy cooler offers all the benefits of a world-class cooler without the jaw-dropping price tag.     4. Coolingstyle – The portable, multi-functional air conditioner     It’s hotter than a...

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Kickstarter Board Games – Best Games of 2018 (Updated Monthly)

The best board games that Kickstarter has to offer in 2018. Updated each and every month. Because, you know, out-of-date stuff kinda sucks.   August 2018 3. Call to Adventure – Featuring Name of the Wild     A multi-path strategy game where you get to choose how your character develops. Every path presents 2 choices: Strength or wisdom. If you’re like me in real life, you’ll end up with neither!     2. Escape Plan – By Vital Lacerda with Artwork by Ian O’Toole     An incredibly popular strategy game about bank robbers and such.   1....

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