Month: November 2018

Nebula Capsule II – Is this 100-inch Kickstarter Projector Worth $399?

What is that thing, a newly designed Coke can? An incredibly misshapen bowling ball? A supremely modern looking lump of coal? No friends, it’s the Nebula Capsule II — hands-down the best projector in the world.   Projectors have come a long way since 2008 I had a friend in high school with a projector in his basement instead of a TV. That thing cost like $3,000, and had a picture quality equivalent to my eyesight before I put my contacts in this morning. Needless to say, 2008 projector technology wasn’t the greatest. But the last ten years have brought a rush...

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The 5 Best Kickstarter Projects Live Right Now (Updated Weekly)

Nothing is worse than outdated lists. That’s we update this one. A lot. So come back each and every week for our 5 best Kickstarter projects funding right now. Want these awesome projects delivered directly to your inbox? Sign up for the HypeSquad. Join the HypeSquad by entering your email address below* CommentsThis field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.   November 10th – November 17th, 2018 5. Santo Coffee Cubes – World’s Fastest Cup of Coffee in 30 Seconds     Baristas are good at a lot of things, but spelling your name correctly? Not so...

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Kosan Go Travel Dress – 7 Reasons Why This 14-in-1 Dress Rocks

I’m going to be honest with you… I’ve never worn a dress. You don’t want these gams flapping in the breeze. But I do know one thing. If I ever did wear a dress, it’d be this one. Kickstarter’s Kosan Go Travel Dress. A revolutionary 14-in-1 travel dress that’s an absolute game-changer when it comes to stylish travel.   7 Reasons Why You Need The Kosan Go Travel Dress 1. It has pockets!     I like to picture a room full of clothing executives sitting around a table. “Hey, don’t women have stuff to carry around, too?” someone asks...

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The 23 Most Funded Kickstarter Projects of 2018 (Updated monthly)

Of the thousands of Kickstarter tech, fashion, and design projects launched so far in 2018, only 21 have raised over $1 million. Want to launch a million dollar Kickstarter campaign? Make a game. There have been more million dollar Kickstarter game projects in 2018 than in any other category… COMBINED. The Most Funded Kickstarter Projects of 2018     The Travel Line – Versatile Travel Backpack + Packing Tools   Funds raised: $5.2 million Number of backers: 13,752 Campaign duration: 7/23/18 – 9/20/18 Why it’s cool: It looked like the BauBax 2.0 Jacket would cruise to victory as the...

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The Ultimate Kickstarter Guide With 5 Proven Tips (Updated for 2018)

So you spent months agonizing over every detail of your Kickstarter campaign, right? Your campaign page looked great. Your friends and family were super excited. And you’d mentally prepared yourself to become the face of the next million-dollar Kickstarter project. Then you hit launch, and well… nothing happened. 64% of Kickstarter projects fail to hit their funding goal. So if you’re off to a slow start, you’re not alone. It’s hard to do well on Kickstarter. But making these five changes from our 2018 Kickstarter guide will definitely help you out.   1. Change your hero image & headline   Your...

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