Month: November 2018

The 13 Absolute Best Last-Minute Gifts for 2018 (On Amazon)

You love Amazon. We love Amazon. And these Amazon tech products rock.   The absolute best last-minute Amazon gifts of 2018   1. Echo Dot – Smart speaker with Alexa (3rd generation)     Price: $49.99 Reviews: 4.3 out of 5 Our thoughts: “Hey Alexa, does this shirt make me look fat?” “Any shirt would make you look fat, Grant.” While getting roasted by Alexa is one of my favorite pastimes, the Echo Dot is first and foremost a supremely portable speaker. It’s the ultimate device for any smart home, and at $49.99, it’s a virtual no-brainer.   2....

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Kickstarter Board Games – Best Games of 2018 (Updated Monthly)

The best board games that Kickstarter has to offer in 2018. Updated each and every month. Because, you know, out-of-date stuff kinda sucks.   Best Kickstarter Games of November 2018 3. Monumental by Funforge SARL     Monumental is a civilization board game that, “Puts you in the middle of a world torn apart by empires fighting for dominance.” Hold up, are we sure we’re not talking about the actual world right now? Face off against up to five other nations all vying for global supremacy in this super fun (and challenging) board game.   2. Deep Madness (2nd Printing)...

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Kickstarter Technology – Best Projects of 2018 (Updated Monthly)

The absolute best Kickstarter technology projects of 2018. Updated each and every month. Because, you know, out-of-date stuff kinda sucks. November 2018 5. Nebula Capsule II – World’s First Android TV™ Pocket Cinema     “One of the coolest products of our generation.” -Bill Gates “I offered them 100% of Amazon for this, and they said no.” -Jeff Bezos “Why didn’t they have this when I was alive?” -Albert Einstein In case the Einstein part didn’t give it away, I completely made up all those quotes. You know what I’m not making up, though? The fact that this revolutionary projector will completely...

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