Month: December 2018

Does The 99.9% Bacteria Killing Robot by Cleansebot Work? [Review]

I like eating hotel ice. Sue me. Is it teaming with bacteria? Probably. But it hasn’t killed me… Yet. CleanseBot’s bacteria killing robot won’t clean your hotel’s ice. But it’ll completely sanitize your bed.     What’s that stain?!   Here’s an age-old question: Do hotels clean comforters? Answer: I have no clue. I’m assuming they clean them periodically. But wouldn’t you rather be safe than sorry? CleanseBot takes the guesswork out of sanitation, acting as a Roomba-like cleaner for your hotel room.     How does Kickstarter’s CleanseBot work?   Just put CleanseBot on your bed and watch...

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Vessi Shoes Review – 5 Crucial Things You Need To Know

Wearing a new pair of shoes is kind of like starting a new relationship. Things start out great, and then go horribly, horribly wrong. Unless you have a pair of these puppies, Vessi’s newest 100% waterproof knit shoes.   Our Vessi Shoes Review     1. Vessi’s been around the block a few times       Do these guys sound familiar? They should. Last year Vessi’s first campaign raised over $1 million on its way to becoming the most funded shoe campaign of all time. And this new project? It’s trending to do even better.   2. These...

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5 Crucial Things To Know About Kickstarter’s GEOPRESS PURIFIER

I once drank directly from a mountain stream. Those next 12 days were some of the best I’ve ever had… In a hospital. Too bad I didn’t have the GEOPRESS PURIFIER — an incredibly simple water purifier that cleans and filters ANY water in just 8 seconds.     Now I know what you’re thinking. “Grant, this is too good to be true. This works on the water from my toilet bowl?!” Yes. Well, maybe. Look if you don’t have to drink your toilet water, don’t freakin’ do it. I really shouldn’t have to tell you that. But if you find...

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Kickstarter Board Games – Best Games of 2018 (Updated Monthly)

These are the absolute best Kickstarter board games of 2018. But if you’re looking for our updated list, check out the best Kickstarter Board Games of 2019, too!   December 2018   3. Dwarves, Elves, & Demons     3D printers can build an entire HOUSE in less than 24 hours. But we’ll just use them to build absolutely epic fantasy terrain. Choose between three drastically different 3D landscapes in this wonderfully detailed game. The creators are unlocking a TON of sweet stretch goals right now, too!   2. Cultistorm – More Than An Ordinary Board Game    ...

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Kickstarter Technology – Best Projects of 2018 (Updated Monthly)

Looking for the best Kickstarter technology projects? You’ve come to the right place. These are the absolute best Kickstarter tech projects of 2018. But if you’re looking for our updated list, check out the best Kickstarter technology projects of 2019, too! December 2018 5. Pivo – Make Insanely Creative Videos, Pictures, & GIFs     Your Instagram is about to be on a WHOLE new level. I’m normally pretty resourceful when it comes to words, but no matter what I say about Pivo, I won’t be able to do it justice — it’s that cool. This sleek piece of tech offers...

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