Month: March 2019

57 Absolute Best Kickstarter Projects of 2019 (Updated Weekly)

Nothing is worse than outdated lists. That’s we update this one. A lot. So come back each and every week for 2019’s best Kickstarter projects. Want these awesome projects delivered directly to your inbox? Sign up for The HypeSquad. Join The HypeSquad by entering your email address below* EmailThis field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.   Most Popular Kickstarter Projects of 2019   March 26th – April 2nd   4. Twist Press – Make Delicious Coffee In Seconds With Their Revolutionary Corkscrew Design     I once tried to see how long I could go...

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Hush Iced: 5 Wildly Useful Facts About This Cooling Weighted Blanket

A weighted blanket that cools you, eh? What’s next, an oven that freezes things?! Zero-calorie ice cream? A girl that doesn’t break my heart? But unlike those imaginary things, the Hush Iced weighted blanket is wonderfully real. And downright awesome. Here’s what you need to know.   5 Amazing Facts About The Hush Iced Blanket   1. Sleeping is hard, this helps     Apparently 1 in 3 North Americans suffer from insomnia or anxiety. (Can you blame us?!) A 24-hour news cycle and social media-induced FOMO is rotting our brains. And making it hard as hell to go to sleep...

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7 Proven Tips For A Great Kickstarter Video in 2019 (With Examples)

“Your Kickstarter video really isn’t that important.” If someone ever says that to you, I want you to slap them clear across the face. Your Kickstarter video is literally the most important aspect of your Kickstarter campaign page. If your video is trash, your project will absolutely bomb. But don’t worry, friends. Here’s a simple, step by step, guide to making an epic Kickstarter video in 2019.   1. How long should a Kickstarter video be?       Some people think you should have a 5-minute Kickstarter video. And those people are what I like to call, “wrong.” I...

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[Review] The World’s Most Eco-Friendly Shoes (Better than Allbirds?)

Look down at your shoes. Now back to the screen. Then back at your shoes. Now back to the screen. What do you see? A poorly imitated Old Spice ad? No… You see the most comfortable shoes ever made. Well, you will once you get a pair. Introducing our review of the SOLE x Jasper Wool Eco Chukka. Your new favorite pair of shoes.     Like Allbirds… but better   These are being called, “the world’s most eco-friendly shoe.” Which is a little bit better than my middle school title of, “world’s fattest 6th grader.” But that’s neither here nor...

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15 Best Kickstarter Technology Projects of 2019 (Updated Monthly)

These are hands down the best Kickstarter technology projects of 2019. Broken down month by month. And updated more often than you get your hair cut. Best Kickstarter Tech – March 2019 5. Genius Pack Supercharged – A Smarter Carry-On Luggage   Genius Pack Supercharged is a maximum capacity carry-on that’s gotten more press than a Kylie Jenner tweet. It comes JAM-PACKED with features, like 9 insanely organized compartments including a special section just for your dirty clothes. Throw in an amazingly long-lasting powerpack, ultra-smooth 360° wheels, and a ridiculously tough 100% polycarbonate shell, and you have what Mashable called, “Your perfect, durable travel companion.”...

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