Month: April 2019

6 Most Funded Kickstarter Projects of 2019 (All Over $1 Million)

Of the thousands of Kickstarter projects launched in 2019, only six have raised over $1 million. Ok, that’s a lie. Over a dozen Kickstarter board games have already topped $1 million in 2019. (But we’re just going to conveniently ignore those.) Here are the most funded Kickstarter projects of 2019. P.S. Did you know that there was actually a BILLION dollar Kickstarter project back in 2014? Ok, that was another lie. The most funded Kickstarter project ever was Pebble Time, which raised over $20 million in February 2015.   The Most Funded Kickstarter Projects of 2019   1. BauBax Travel Pants...

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71 Absolute Best Kickstarter Projects of 2019 (Updated Weekly)

Nothing is worse than outdated lists. That’s we update this one. A lot. So come back each and every week for 2019’s best Kickstarter projects. Want these awesome projects delivered directly to your inbox? Sign up for The HypeSquad. Join The HypeSquad by entering your email address below* PhoneThis field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.   Most Popular Kickstarter Projects of 2019   April 20th – April 27th   4. Stingray Pans – World-Class Non-Stick Pans   “I’ve never, ever, ever, met someone I believe in as little as you.” -Gordon Ramsay after tasting the...

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[Review] Baubax Travel Pants – Are they worth the money?

“Oh no… oh no, no, no.” You’re on a plane and watch in horror as the seat back in front of you creeps lower and lower before coming to a stop just above your knees. Suddenly the baby beside you starts wailing, and the 8-year-old behind you kicks your seat like he’s training to become the next Messi. You’re in travel hell and there’s only one way out… BauBax’s ridiculously comfortable travel pants.   BauBax Travel Pants Review   1. BauBax Travel Pants masterfully blend style and comfort     Quick, what’s better? Comfort or style? The answer is both. BauBax...

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[Review] Evolution Hoodie – 7 Fast Facts About Kickstarter’s Epic Hoodie

My ex stole it. No, not my heart… My favorite hoodie. Desperate, I offered her a trade: Her dying succulent for my beloved pullover. She responded with a 4 letter word, and it was not “love”. So I’m on the hunt for a replacement. And Kickstarter’s supremely soft Evolution Hoodie is just what the doctor ordered.   Review: Kickstarter’s Evolution Hoodie   1. Evolution Hoodie is made from recycled coffee grounds     Here’s a little known fact: I worked as a barista in college. Oh, you don’t give a sh*t about that? Well here’s a little known fact...

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19 Best Kickstarter Technology Projects of 2019 (Updated Monthly)

These are hands down the best Kickstarter technology projects of 2019. Broken down month by month. And updated more often than you get your hair cut.   Best Kickstarter Tech – April 2019   3. MetaFly – A New Flying Experience     What the hell is that thing?! An overgrown butterfly? A mutated praying mantis? Whatever it is, MetaFly is absolutely CRUSHING it on Kickstarter. It’s part drone, part remote controlled airplane — and a wildly different flying experience than anything you’ve tried before.       2. Fromaggio – The World’s First Smart, Automatic Cheesemaker     Ok,...

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