Month: May 2019

Morus Zero – A Jaw-Dropping 15-Minute Countertop Dryer

Does my laundry routine sound like yours? I pile my dirty clothes into a hamper, throw in a Tide Pod, and toss everything into my barely-clinging-to-life washing machine from 1997. THEN I put it all into my equally ancient dryer, where I leave it there for approximately 7 to 10 days so it can collect an un-godly amount of wrinkles. It’s high time we face the music, friends. Our current laundry routine SUCKS. Morus Zero, on the other hand, does not. Here’s everything you need to know about this revolutionary countertop dryer.   Kickstarter’s Morus Zero Countertop Dryer  ...

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[Review] The Patrol Pant – 9 Crucial Things You NEED to Know

Look, here’s the deal. We couldn’t keep the lights on around here if we didn’t use over the top headlines. (That’s how you get clicks, baby!) So with that in mind, do you really need to know these 9 awesome facts about The Patrol Pant on Kickstarter? Probably not. BUT if you’re considering snagging these ridiculously versatile hybrid pants, you’ll definitely want to read this Patrol Pant Kickstarter review.   9 Things You’ll Love About The Patrol Pant   1. They fit like an absolute dream     If you’ve ever tried to squeeze your bulky gams into a pair of...

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[Review] Snapmaker 2.0 – The absolute best 3D printer ever made?

3D printers… As mysterious to me as the inner workings of a woman’s heart. They’re undoubtably cool, yes. But holy crap are they complicated. Well, they used to be. Because Kickstarter’s Snapmaker 2.0 makes insanely intricate 3D printing delightfully easy.     Fully funded in about 10 seconds…   Snapmaker 2.0 had a decent day one on Kickstarter. If you call raising nearly $3 million in 12 hours, “decent.” It’ll blow by BauBax Travel Pants, which previously held the record for the most funded non-gaming Kickstarter project of 2019. But what makes this revolutionary 3D printer so cool? Well for...

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