Month: June 2019

TRIO Laptop Monitor – 5 Vital Things To Know [Kickstarter Review]

How would you like to make 30% more money? Think about it… You could FINALLY book that dream vacation to Punta Cana! (Actually, maybe go somewhere else right now… ) TRIO is an absurdly futuristic laptop attachment that lets you add a second AND third screen to your CURRENT laptop. It’ll boost your productivity by up to 30%. So it’s only fair that you demand an equivalent 30% raise from that boss of yours. Here are seven things you need know about TRIO, Kickstarter’s on-the-go laptop monitor.   TRIO Laptop Monitor Kickstarter Review   1. Will TRIO work with my laptop?...

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All-New: 27 Best Outdoor Gifts of 2019 [Under $75]

Are these really the hands-down best outdoor gifts of 2019? Well let me ask you this… Would we lie to you?! Hmmm, actually don’t answer that. Just trust us, these 27 outdoor products are absolutely ballin’. And we’ll never use the word “ballin'” again, sorry.   1. ENO – Eagles Nest Outfitters DoubleNest Hammock   Find yourself a nice, sunny day, a couple of well-spaced trees, and a willing lover and you’ve got yourself the perfect afternoon.   Price: $66.64 Reviews:  4.7 out of 5 Check out on the DoubleNest Hammock Amazon.     2. Chaco ZX/1 Classic Sandal     Will these...

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The Ultimate 2019 Kickstarter Guide With 5 Proven Tips (Updated)

So you spent months agonizing over every detail of your Kickstarter campaign, right? Your campaign page looked great. Your friends and family were super excited. And you’d mentally prepared yourself to become the face of the next million-dollar Kickstarter project. Then you hit launch, and well… nothing happened. 63% of Kickstarter projects fail to hit their funding goal. So if you’re off to a slow start, you’re not alone. It’s hard to do well on Kickstarter. But making these five changes from our 2019 Kickstarter guide will definitely help you out.   The Ultimate Kickstarter Guide of 2019 1. Change your...

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