How can you contact ProductHype?

Feel free to email [email protected]

But if you’re just reaching out because your company sells cardboard boxes in bulk, save your breath.

(Also we’ll take 1,000.)



What is ProductHype?

ProductHype showcases the best new products on Earth in an absurdly unique way.

We looked at what everybody else was doing, concluded that it kind of sucked, then did the opposite.

We keep things light, fun, and absurdly real.



What does ProductHype write about?

We mostly feature trending Kickstarter projects.

But we dip our toes into Amazon and Shark Tank products as well.

If it’s cool, we’ll write about it.



Who reads ProductHype?

Kickstarter backers, creators, and dreadfully confused members of the general public who stumble upon our website.

Oh, and my mom.



Should you join The HypeSquad?

100% YES!

The HypeSquad is our hilarious weekly email featuring the 5 best new products.

(And other cool sh*t.)

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