I once bought a chef’s knife at Wal-Mart for $0.89.

True story.

That purchase proves 2 things:

  1. I knew nothing about knives.
  2. I’m not very bright.

Needless to say, that thing couldn’t cut through butter on a hot summer’s day.

It was a piece of junk.

The Achilles Knife costs more than $0.89.

And for good reason.

It can cut through just about anything.


Achilles Chef's Knife Kickstarter


Cutco will brainwash you


A quick side-story before we get into the specs of this knife.

My buddy sold Cutco Knives the summer before he started college.

He stole his high school’s parent directory and called stay-at-home moms all day long.

I imagine the conversations went something like this:

“Mrs. Phillips?”


“It’s Timmy, you know, Brandon’s friend.”

“Oh, hi Tim.”

“Want some knives??”

I guess his spiel worked cause he made a boat-load of money that summer.

He still claims that Cutco makes the best knives on the planet.

But we all know he’s wrong.

Why? Well he’s never seen the Achilles Chef’s Knife.

Until now.


Achilles Knife Kickstarter


7 Reasons Why You Need The Achilles Knife


  1. It won the German Design Award of 2018 — and they aren’t just handing those things out… we assume. That page is in German so we can’t really tell.
  2. It’s made of German stainless steel and is, “Nano-Coated for enhanced durability and reliability.” Ohhh! Well that sounds good, doesn’t it?
  3. The Achilles Chef Knife has one of the most unique handles we’ve ever seen. Because what good is a super sharp knife if it doesn’t form to your fingers like Tom Brady’s hand to his offensive lineman’s behind?
  4. It’s sharp AF. No joke, it will cut your fingers clean off. Just kidding, but seriously.
  5. The full set actually has 3 knives, including a bread knife and paring knife. Because if you cut your freshly baked bread loaves with a chef’s knife, you don’t even deserve to be in the kitchen.
  6. The Achilles Knife took 3 years to develop. I haven’t spent that long developing anything.
  7. It’s affordable. Well, more affordable than what those tyrants over at Cutco offer.


Achilles Knife Kickstarter


Where on Earth can I buy this thing?


There are a few early-bird specials still available on their Kickstarter page.

Check them out before they’re gone.

And for goodness sake, enjoy all 10 of your fingers while you still can.