Here’s the deal with multi-tools…

There are basically two types:

1. Cheap pieces of junk that are essentially glorified bottle openers.
2. Military-grade weapons of mass destruction that fit in your pocket.

They’re flip sides of the same coin, and both pretty impractical for the average joe.

So the team behind Anywhere Tools set out to create a versatile multi-tool somewhere in the middle.

A sleek, modular multi-tool that’s WAY more than a bottle opener, but also doesn’t weight 1,000 pounds and come with more features than even a Navy SEAL would need.

So what makes this multi-tool different?

It starts with the tech.


Anywhere Tools Multi-Tool Kickstarter


A Techy Multi-Tool Fit For Batman


Batman had a lot of sweet tools, but he never had anything like this.

Ok, he probably did.

But since you’re not Batman, you’re gonna want one of these in your pocket.

Unlike pretty much every other multi-tool we’ve seen, this one actually has multiple cool tech features.

Can you charge your phone with your current multi-tool?

We didn’t think so.


Anywhere Tools Mult-tool


Modular? What the heck does that mean?


It’s also modular.

What’s that mean?

Well if you Google the definition of modular, this is what it says:

“Employing or involving a module or modules as the basis of design or construction.”

What a terrible, terrible definition.

Here’s what modular actually means in a nut shell:

  1. Customizable
  2. Stackable

Anywhere Tools’ multi-tool prides itself on being a sleek, easily customizable alternative to traditional bulky multi-tools.

So you can easily switch-out, stack, or unstack, the components you need at any given time.


Anywhere Tools Kickstarter


Anywhere Tools Kickstarter


Anywhere Tools Kickstarter

What else can I do with this thing?


Along with its unique tech aspect, it also has a boatload of more traditional features.

We could find a way to creatively work them into a few long paragraphs – OR – we could present them in a nice, easy list.

Yeah, let’s do that.


Anywhere Tool Kickstarter

Anywhere Tools Multi-Tool Features


  • Knife: You know, for cuttin’ things.
  • Flashlight: They call it a flare — because they’re fancier than us.
  • Cord cutter: No, not that kind of cord cutter — like it cuts physical cords.
  • Screwdriver: Because nothing makes us angrier than loose screws.

There’s about ten other really useful features too.

But if you’re still reading this, it’s high time you head over to their Kickstarter campaign page and check this thing out for yourself.

They have a limited number of early bird specials too.

Also, somebody tell Lucius Fox about this…

Bruce Wayne’s birthday is coming up.