Looking for the best-selling Amazon Prime gifts of 2020?

(Of course you are, why else would you click on this dang article?!)

Well you’re in good hands, friends.

Feast your eyes on these:


Outdoor Gear



1. YETI Rambler Stainless Steel Mug

Best Gifts for Men 2019


“YETI’s are so expensive!!!”

Yeah, yeah, cry me a river.

They’re expensive because they work, people!




2. Balega No-Show Running Socks

Best Gifts for Men 2019

I remember my 7th grade soccer coach talking to us after practice one day.

“Guys,” he said, “one day Balega will be bigger than Nike.”

That was 14 years ago and last time I checked, Balega is not bigger than Nike.

But they do make a damn good pair of socks.




3. WildHorn Outfitters Ski & Snowboard Goggles


Best Gifts for Men 2019



I always wanted a really reflective pair of ski goggles, but never thought I was cool enough…

But dammit 2020 is the year I finally get them!





4. Etekcity LED Camping Lantern Flashlight


Best Gifts for Men 2019


I went camping one time with just the light from my iPhone.

“I’ll be fine,” I thought.

I was not fine.

Learn from my mistake, get these instead.




5. Alvada 80% Merino Wool Hiking Socks


Best Gifts for Men 2019



Sorry, sheep.

But Merino wool is so in right now, it hurts.

This moisture-wicking fabric will have your feet feelin’ like a million bucks.




6. ALEADER Quick-Dry Water Shoes


Best Gifts for Men 2019


“Pshhhhhhh who needs water shoes when you can go barefoot?”

**Slices foot open on an old beer bottle left by some moron**

“Why didn’t I buy these shoes?!”




7. MCTi Waterproof Ski Gloves


Best Gifts for Men 2019


My fingers get colder than my ex-girlfriend’s heart out there on the slopes.

Well, they used to.




8. Rainleaf Microfiber Towel

Best Gifts for Men 2019

Wait, is this a ShamWow?!

It’s not… dang it.

Oh well, it’s still pretty cool!




9. TAC Force TF-705 Assisted Opening Knife


Best Gifts for Men 2019


That thing looks sharper than my great aunt’s elbows!

It can cut through practically anything.

Yes, even your finger, so for the love of God be careful with it!




10. Coleman Sundome 4 Tent

Best Gifts for Men 2019


I once went camping without a tent so I could “sleep under the stars.”

3 hours and 47 mosquito bites later, I ordered this tent.





11. Delmera Emergency Survival Sleeping Bag


Best Gifts for Men 2019


I live in North Carolina.

My parents live in Montana.

They drive to visit me.

It’s 40 hours of continuous driving…

They need this.

You need this.




12. Adepoy Full Face Snorkle Mask



Best Gifts for Men 2019


See that 12-foot Great White that’s about to eat you in crystal clear detail.

This is the ultimate 2020 gift for snorkle lovers.




13. IFORREST Sleeping Pad With Armrest & Pillow


Best Gifts for Men 2019


I currently use my parent’s old sleeping pad when I go camping.

It was made in like 1987 and holds air about as well as a pre-popped balloon.

This would work much better.







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Electronics & Tech


15. Echo Dot Smart Speaker with AlexaBest Gifts for Men 2019

“Hey Alexa, does this shirt make me look fat?”

“Any shirt would make you look fat, Grant.”

While getting roasted by Alexa is one of my favorite pastimes, the Echo Dot is one of the hottest gifts you can give in 2020.



16. Anker 4-Port Ultra Slim Data Hub


Best Gifts for Men 2019

Anker’s Data Hub lets you transform one USB port into four.

If only it transformed one pumpkin pie into four.

Maybe that’s why Alexa always calls me fat.




17. Amazon Fire 4K TV Stick


Best Gifts for Men 2019



Tom Hanks in Castaway voice:


Amazon’s Fire Stick is a no-brainer for someone who doesn’t have a Smart TV.



18. Wyze Cam 1080p HD Indoor Wireless Camera


Best Gifts for Men 2019



For 26 bucks you’re not going to find a better wireless security camera.

It saves two weeks of footage for free with no monthly fees.

Even though 90% of that footage will show me in my underwear eating yogurt in the middle of the night.


19. Fire 10 HD Tablet with Alexa


Best Gifts for Men 2019


No they’re not as cool as iPads…

But at this price?

Who cares!

20. Acer 21.5″ Full HD Frame MonitorBest Gifts for Men 2019

Wow that picture is CRISP!

An excellent 2020 gift for someone who likes workin’ with 2 screens.


21. Roku Express


Best Gifts for Men 2019


I personally like Fire Stick’s better than Roku’s.

But who the heck am I to make your life’s decisions for you?!



22. TCL 55-Inch 4k Ultra HD Smart TV



Best Gifts for Men 2019



I remember when HD TV’s were about 4 feet thick and weighed like 1,000 pounds.

Thank God those horrible days are behind us.




23. EarBuddyz Ear Hooks & Covers for Apple AirPods

Best Gifts for Men 2019



I’ve always liked reading Amazon reviews.

For instance, the top review for EarBuddyz starts out like this:

“I have strange, misshapen alien ears.”


I’m pretty sure these help AirPods stay in normal ears, too.




24. TP-Link AC750 Dual Band WiFi Range Extender


Best Gifts for Men 2019


Salesman: “Dude this internet is faster than Dale Jr. on the last lap of the Daytona 500.”

Installation guy: “Yeah, ummmm, this internet is downright terrible.”

If that sounds like your friend’s situation, consider snagging this sweet WiFi range extender for them.





Board Games


25. Cards Against Humanity



Best Gifts for Men 2019



Looking for a quick and easy way to feel incredibly uncomfortable in front of your grandma?

Look no further than Cards Against Humanity.



26. What Do You Meme


Best Gifts for Men 2019


Super trendy? Check.

Outrageously fun? Check.

Memes you’ve never, ever seen before? Check.



27. Codenames


Best Gifts for Men 2019



I’ve never actually played Codenames before…

But when you have an average rating of 4.8 out of 5, you make the best gifts list of 2020.



28. These Cards Will Get You Drunk


Best Gifts for Men 2019





29. Exploding Kittens


Best Gifts for Men 2019


The rage I experience when I draw an Exploding Kitten card has no equal.

It’s almost as bad as when I stub my toe walking up stairs.



30. Sequence Game


Best Gifts for Men 2019


Sequence is sorta like Solitare on steroids.

Like really good steroids.



31. Monopoly Fortnite Edition

Best Gifts for Men 2019


Well at least Fortnite isn’t everywhere.

We can still have a nice peaceful family game night withou… DAMMIT!



32. Secret Hitler


Best Gifts for Men 2019



Secret Hitler is actually pretty controversial (for obvious reasons).

The game itself promotes lying and deception in order to win.

My ex-girlfriend should play, she’d be excellent.




33. Unstable Unicorns


Best Gifts for Men 2019


Unstable Unicorns is sorta like Exploding Kittens with a few cool twists.

Players play cards in “Stables,” which everyone can see.

So you know exactly who’s about to win the game…

And can then do everything humanly possible to stop the SOB before it’s too late!



34. Relative Insanity


Best Gifts for Men 2019


Created by Jeff Foxworthy, eh?

The dude from Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader?!

Guess his life turned out alright after all.



35. Catan


Best Gifts for Men 2019


Perhaps the most iconic board game of all time?


I’ll trade you 3 sheep for some wood… I’m desperate!




Tools & Home



36. Gorilla Super Glue Gel


Best Gifts for Men 2019


I got some of this on my hands back in 2012.

It’s still there…




37. Instant Pot Programmable Pressure Cooker



Best Gifts for Men 2019


Pressure cookers are LEGIT.

They cook food insanely fast, and are a heck of a lot better wedding gift than a toaster.


38. KRUPS Coffee Grinder


Best Gifts for Men 2019


I’ve spent roughly the equivalent amount of money as a 4-year college degree at Starbucks.

This will help.




39. O’keeffe’s Working Hands Hand Cream


Best Gifts for Men 2019


It’s winter and you know what that means:

1. My hands are incredibly chapped and dry.

2. I’m eating a sh*t load of chili.



40. DEWALT Brushless Compact Drill Driver


Best Gifts for Men 2019

This is one of the best-selling drill sets in Amazon’s history.

The handyman in your life needs this, and he needs it NOW!



41. HoLife Handheld Cordless Vacuum Cleaner


Best Gifts for Men 2019


I actually have one of these and I can promise you one thing:


You will NEVER, I repeat NEVER, use a broom again.



42. Fiskers X11 Splitting Axe

Best Gifts for Men 2019


The thought of chopping wood with this makes my insides tingle.




43. Cartman Orange 39-Piece Tool Set 


Best Gifts for Men 2019


I like to picture a bunch of guys in suits sitting around a table:

“Hmmm, how many tools should we include in this set?”

One guy says, “38!”

And they’re like, “That’s not nearly enough.”

Then another guy says, “Ok then, 40!”

And they’re like, “Whoaaaa what are we made of money?”

Then finally some guys says, “39!”

And they’re like, “ahh perfect!!!”






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