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Most Popular Kickstarter Projects of 2019



November 9th – November 16th


4. MezmoTop – The Mesmerizing Spinning Top



I have the approximate attention span of an adolescent goldfish.

So, is it a good idea to add this mesmerizing spinning top to my desk?

Probably not.

Am I gonna do it anyway?


MezmoTop is a dazzling desktop spinner designed to entertain you while you put off work.

Because why update Excel formulas all day when you could watch this Inception-inspired spinner work its magic??

I don’t care if you’re the fall intern or the freakin’ CEO, if you have a desk, get a MezmoTop!

P.S. It comes with a super smooth titanium base in case your boss walks by.



3. Knotty Roller – A 6-in-1 Fitness Essential



Imagine if a SINGLE exercise could strengthen ALL your muscles at once.

You’d look like Hulk Hogan in his prime!

(And I wouldn’t have these Thunder Thighs.)

Sadly, that exercise doesn’t exist.

But the Knotty Roller does.

It’s a 6-in-1 wizard of relief that gently soothes away pain thanks to its hidden tools and brilliant design.

It looks like a regular foam roller, but opens to reveal a treasure trove of fitness staples that’ll help YOU recover after any workout.

Stop lugging around a trunk-full of fitness gear to the gym, and UPGRADE to the Knotty Roller today!

P.S. Anybody know how to get rid of Thunder Thighs? Asking for a friend.



2. The Tycho Puzzle




This is just a freakin’ paperweight…

**Watches campaign video**

Update: This is not a paperweight.

It’s The Tycho Puzzle — a beautifully crafted cube of brass and stainless steel that challenges the hand and bends the mind.

Its eight surprisingly dense pieces combine to produce a wonderfully unique puzzle like you’ve never solved before.

In a world DOMINATED by screens, rest your eyes and use your hands again with The Tycho Puzzle.

P.S. At a solid 1.5 pounds, this bad boy is lowkey thicccccc!



1. Square Off Swap – The Smart Game Board With Pieces That Move Themselves



I recently DESTROYED my cousin in Chess…

After nabbing his queen with my bishop, I stood triumphantly, pounded my chest, and shouted, “YOU SUCK, RICKY!” at the top of my lungs.

He’s eight.

After wiping away the tears, he asked his mom if he could go home now.

What’s the lesson here?

Ricky needs to toughen up.

Also, I should probably get Square Off SWAP.

It’s an absurdly futuristic game board featuring smart pieces that literally move THEMSELVES.

Play one of four ultra-popular games against evolving AI, or challenge yourself against friends around the world.

It’s a NO-BRAINER for old-school gamers looking for a new-school twist on classic games.

P.S. Enjoy FREE SHIPPING to the U.S. and Europe!




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November 4th – November 10th


4. Transformer Table 3.0 – A Jaw-Dropping Extendable Table



It’s the same old story every year at Thanksgiving…

“Oh, Grant, you don’t mind sitting at the kids’ table do you?”

Yes I do mind!

Because while I’m stuck listening to my 9-year-old cousin talking about his 4th grade crush, I SHOULD be chugging wine with my crazy Uncle Jerry.

But this WHOLE mess could all be avoided with the Transformer Table 3.0.

It’s a magical extending table that easily seats up to 12 guests when you need it, and stores away neatly when you don’t.

It’s the PERFECT eye-catching addition to every modern home and makes entertaining groups of any size an absolute breeze!



3. The Rally Pack



Reserve a space next to your tombstone for this bad boy because it’s THAT durable.

The Rally Pack is made with some of the toughest materials on Earth.

Giving you a supremely stylish bag that WON’T break down over time.

Its waxed cotton canvas and full-grain leather straps add a unique vibe that says, “I’m hip, I’m cool, and I own the greatest backpack of all-time.”

Up YOUR backpack game by snagging The Rally Pack NOW before this campaign drives off into the sunset.



2. SwitchBot Curtain – Make Your Curtains Smart In Seconds



Hold up, hold up, hold up.

Your curtains expect YOU to get up and move them aside?


SwitchBot Curtain is a genius device that makes ANY curtains smart in seconds.

Simply hang it up and you’re ready to roll.

Its built-in sunlight sensor opens your curtains when it’s time to get up, too.

Which is an absolute DREAM for those of us who hate waking up to an alarm.


P.S. Most people go with the Recommended+ Pack!


1. Espresso Displays – The World’s Thinnest Portable Display



Trivia Time:

What’s the ONLY thing falling faster than the leaves outside?

Answer: My productivity.

(I haven’t completed a task on time since 2004.)

But maybe I just needed The World’s Thinnest Portable Display?

This ultra-thin, high-res touchscreen turns ANY laptop into a multi-screen POWERHOUSE of productivity and fun.

Games, movies, and yes, even work, comes alive with a vibrant 2nd screen.

So, what are you waiting for?

Get the most out of your CURRENT tech with this revolutionary mobile display.

P.S. Unlock the full experience by adding-on the magnetic mount!





October 27th – November 3rd


4. Owly Packs – A Modular Backpack With A Built-In Hammock Tent



Me before seeing this: “Camping gear is all the same!”

Me now: “I’m a damn fool!”

Owly Packs are the greatest camping innovation since sliced bread.

(Wait, was sliced bread a camping innovation?)

Either way, this hybrid backpack/tent combo helps you carry WAY more in less space.


Its modular design is completely customizable, letting you add epic pack extensions no matter where adventure takes you.

The best feature?

Its built-in hammock tent offers elevated, waterproof shelter at the end of your day.




3. BRU – The Ultimate Tea Machine



I LOVE a good tea bag.

Uhhh, I mean I enjoy tea brewed from bags.

But it’s always been a pain in the you-know-what to make…

Until now.

BRÜ is a delightfully simple tea machine that makes brewing ANY type of tea absolutely effortless.

Easily select your temperature, size, and brew time and you’ll have a steaming hot cup of delicious, fresh brewed tea in minutes.

Clean up is a breeze and set-up couldn’t be simpler.

P.S. Save a whopping $75 with the BRÜ+ model that literally cleans ITSELF!




2. The Graphene-X  Jacket



Is YOUR jacket made with a revolutionary material 200x stronger than steel??


Graphene-X is a game-changing jacket infused with miraculous graphene.

This newly discovered property is light, durable, and shockingly versatile, making this one of the best all-around jackets ever made.

Simply put, you cannot get a graphene jacket ANYWHERE else.

So be the first to hop on this hot bandwagon, and UPGRADE your look today!

P.S. Enjoy FREE SHIPPING in the U.S.!




1. Nebula Cosmos Max – The World’s 1st 4K Home Cinema With 3D Audio



You’re an adult.

(A smart, capable, ridiculously good-looking adult at that.)

And you can make decisions for yourself, I know.

Still, I want you to have the facts.

You could spend $6,000 on the newest 80-inch flatscreen…

Buttttt that’ll just be outdated in a few months.

OR you could spend WAY less on vastly better technology with the Nebula Cosmos Max 4K UHD Projector.

It displays crystal clear 4K video on a MIND-BLOWING 150-inch screen.

Vibrant colors, immersive sound, and dynamic smoothing technology combine to produce an out of this world entertainment experience like you’ve NEVER seen before.

Those are the facts, now you can decide…

Will YOU join entertainment’s future?

Or be left behind in its past?




October 23rd – October 26th


5. The Kali – Everlasting Antibacterial Dishclothes



My roommates both suffer from a debilitating disease called Kitchen Lazyitous.

It prevents them from cleaning off food scraps before using the dishwasher.

No matter how many times I ask them to seek treatment, they claim there’s nothing they can do.

Until now.

The Kali is a bamboo-infused, antibacterial dishcloth that lasts 30x longer than traditional sponges.

Its fast-absorb fabric is completely stain resistant, letting you effortlessly clean kitchenware or prep items for the dishwasher in the blink of an eye.

And since germs HATE this kind of fabric, Kali is WAY more sanitary than that grimy old sponge.



4. UNICO – 100% Waterproof Tech Bags



I used to carry around my Macbook in a backpack WITHOUT a case.

In other words, I used to be a moron.

(Some say that I still am.)

If only I’d had a UNICO Digital Tech Bag.

It’s a fully waterproof modular bag designed to carry and protect your tech ANYWHERE.

Made with ultra-tough ballistic tarpaulin, these durable bags offer a compact alternative to bulky backpacks.

Isn’t it time you gave YOUR expensive tech the home it deserves?

P.S. The UNICO Full Set is a GREAT deal and by far the most popular reward!



3. The Whistler “Self Healing” Windbreaker




That’s what they’d shout at anyone wearing this jacket in 17th century Salem, Massachusetts.

And with good reason.

The Whistler Self-Healing Windbreaker is nothing short of MAGICAL.

Not only does it fend off wind and rain with ease, it’s made with miraculous HiloTech fibers that literally repair THEMSELVES.

Simply rub your fingers over any small hole and it’ll look like new in seconds.

Sure, an angry mob may try to burn you at the stake…

But owning a jacket THIS cool is well worth the risk.



2. KABUTO Carry-On – Insanely High-Tech Luggage



There are two types of people in the world:

1. Those who cram into the aisle the SECOND the captain turns off the fasten seatbelt sign.

2. Those who look upon these individuals with disgust.

But no matter which group you belong to, you’ll LOVE the KABUTO Carry-on.

It’s wildly innovative smart luggage outfitted with shockingly high-tech features.

Its fingerprint scanner unlocks for you and ONLY you in seconds while a mind-blowing AUTO-CHARGING laptop pocket will make TSA’s jaw drop.

A hidden expansion instantly adds 50% more space making this the ULTIMATE suitcase for journeys near and far.

P.S. KABUTO comes with a lifetime guarantee AND on-time Christmas delivery or your money back!


1. Give’r Frontier Mittens – The Best Damn Mittens Ever



My hands are like delicate flowers…

They need protection.

And NOTHING protects against winter’s bitter chill like Give’r Frontier Mittens.

These 100% waterproof, hand-waxed mittens are battle-tested in the world’s most extreme conditions — keeping your paws toasty warm in -40° temperatures.

They’re 3x more durable than synthetic alternatives and look roughly 1,000% more bada**.

The brutal cold of winter is coming… are YOU ready?

P.S. Back their early bird reward now, and you’ll have these by Christmas.

P.P.S. Don’t forget to add on the “bomb-proof” hand-wax coating!



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October 15th – October 22nd


5. Pathfinder – The Most Comfortable Sneakers Ever Made


Look, I’ll be honest with you.

Some days I don’t feel like wearing shoes.

But on they go every morning before I walk out the door because “society” says I have to.

If we have to wear shoes to function in this world, they might as well be good ones.

Pathfinder Sneakers are ultra-light, supremely breathable knit shoes built with simplicity in mind.

Outfitted with a shockingly lightweight fabric that’s 2x lighter than any other sneaker, these all-around kicks were brilliantly designed for everyday wear.




4. MessyWeekend INUIT – Photochromic & High Contrast Snow Goggles



Skiing is a lot like doing squats in an ice bath — super cold and hard on my knees.

But it sure is fun.

You know what’s not fun, though?

Flying down a black diamond with goggles built for the bunny slope.

Inuit Snow Goggles feature highly advanced Photochromic lenses ideal for ALL weather conditions.

They’re like transition lenses for the ski slope — automatically getting darker when it’s sunny, and clearer when you’re faced with clouds.

Add in UV400 protection, anti-fog coating, and a fantastically low price tag, and you have yourself one truly epic pair of goggles.

P.S. Their campaign video is, uhhh, very unique!




3. ULTRALAYER Performance Clothing



Take your shirt off.

Well, go to the bathroom and THEN take your shirt off.

What’s on the label?

If you see polyester, it’s already too late.

Because polyester = serious STANK!

ULTRALAYER performance clothing is woven with mysterious peppermint leaf fiber.

Which sounds to me like a new flavor of chewing gum, but is apparently one of the best hybrid fabrics on Earth.

It fights odor 24/7, keeping you wonderfully fresh all day long, even AFTER a workout.

Their long sleeve base layer and lightweight hoodie are truly PERFECT for fall.




2. Side Pocket – 100% Wireless Charging Travel Fanny Pack



It’s baaaaaaccccckkkkkkkkkk!

(No, not that stray cat you’ve been feeding for the last six months.)

The fanny pack, baby — a style so rad it was last seen huggin’ hips in the 1980s.

But don’t be fooled by its old-school appeal, this ain’t your grandma’s fanny pack.

Side Pocket took everything people love about the fanny pack and added 30+ modern twists.

It’s a fully-waterproof, 100% wireless charging pack that’s big enough to handle a full day of adventure, and compact enough to take ANYWHERE.

It’s a modern explorer’s dream that can be YOURS for just six easy payments of $49.99.

JK, it’s WAY more affordable than that.

P.S. Anybody know where I can get a perm?




1. ChopBox – The World’s Fist Smart Cutting Board



“Today I shall buy the greatest cutting board ever made!”

Ok, odds are you didn’t wake up this morning thinking that.

(Personally I woke up regretting the bottle of wine I drank last night.)

But there won’t be any regrets about having THIS in your kitchen.

ChopBox is the world’s first SMART cutting board with 10 ridiculously useful features.

It’s great for slicin’ and dicin’, of course, but does SO much more than that, too.

There’s a built-in sharpener, instant-access scale, and UV sterilizer that you’ll use EVERY time you cook.

It’s literally a NO-BRAINER addition to your kitchen.

P.S. Enjoy super FAST DELIVERY estimated BEFORE Christmas!




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October 8th – October 14th

4. DOER – The Most Compact Tool Shed Ever Made




WoW, thiiss thiNgg LoOkks pretTy c0oL!

Sorry, it’s hard to type with only seven fingers.

(On a related note, do NOT use a table saw unless it has your undivided attention.)

DOER turns an entire garage full of tools into the most compact toolbox ever made.

It’s literally my dad’s dream come true.

Its 12 high-powered tools pack away neatly into a single brilliantly-designed box that’s capable of building a freakin’ house.

The UniGrip handle fits EVERY tool, letting you quickly switch from sawing to drilling, and back again instantly.

DOER is a no-brainer for EVERY craftsman looking to tackle big projects in a small space.

P.S. This amazing bundle will save you THOUSANDS on tools!



3. Monogram – A Productivity Tool For Creative Professionals



Between the hundreds of emails, never-ending tasks, and #food channel in Slack, staying productive in today’s work environment can be TOUGH.

(I should know, I started writing this feature last February.)

But what if there was a way to reduce stress, increase efficiency, and become drastically more productive with one simple tool?

There is.

Meet Monogram — a wildly powerful productivity tool that lets you unleash your creative genius with insane efficiency.

Simply put, it helps you GET MORE DONE.

It makes daily interactions with complex software delightfully simple, letting you fully customize its dials, keys, and sliders to streamline YOUR workflow.

Cookie-cutter solutions have never been your thing, so why settle for the default settings that you KNOW slow you down?



2. Move – A Brand New Supermarket


**Using self-checkout at the grocery store**

Robot lady: Please place item in the bagging area.

Me: I did.

Robot lady: Please place item in the bagging area.

Me: It’s… it’s already in there…

Robot lady: Please place item in the bagging area.


Robot lady:


Robot lady: Please place item in the bagging area.

Me: YOU PIECE OF $%#@#$&!

Sound familiar? Try Move instead.

It’s a tremendously convenient online grocery store with a super simple model.

They deliver your choice of 100 award-winning foods straight to your door with fast, FREE 2-day shipping.

They don’t offer 47 soups — just the very best one.

The choice is yours:

Keep arguing with incompetent robots…

Or experience what modern grocery shopping can be with Move.




1. Misen 2.0 – Essential Kitchen Tools Reimagined



If you’re like me, you have the SAME two thoughts every time you watch a cooking show…

1. That food looks freakin’ delicious.
2. I could make that.

So you head to the store, grab some ingredients, and BOOM…

45 minutes later, you’re silently sobbing in the middle of your kitchen, crouching in the fetal position, and ordering DoorDash as fast as you possibly can.

Sure, maybe you suck at cooking.

Or maybe… it’s your tools?

Misen 2.0 offers WORLD-CLASS kitchen essentials at down to Earth prices.

Enjoy a trifecta of chef-grade staples including a shockingly sharp Japanese chef’s knife, 5-ply stainless skillet, and buttery-smooth non-stick pan.

This surprisingly affordable cookware may not turn you into the next Iron Chef, but it WILL make cooking delicious meals fast and easy.

P.S. Get all three kitchen essentials + six additional items with their “Backer Bundle 5” that ships by DECEMBER!




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September 30th – October 7th


3. Easy Wash – Wash AND Dry Your Clothes In Minutes



Picture this:

You’ve got a HOT first date in t-minus 30 minutes, but you forgot to eat dinner.

So you pop a weenie in the microwave and lather that bad boy up with ketchup.

(Hmmm, that sounded weird. Let’s try it again.)

So you pop a HOT DOG in the microwave and lather that bad boy up with ketchup.

You’re about to head out the door when you notice a stain the size of Poland on your brand new shirt.

What do you do?

Cancel the date? Cry? Eat another hot dog?


Just drop your soiled shirt into Easy Wash and start spinnin’!

This amazingly quick washer/dryer will have your clothes spotless in NO TIME.

Have a full load? No problem!

Easy Wash is the PERFECT alternative to expensive, nasty laundromats.

And it’s actually FUN to use.

P.S. Anybody else wanna use this thing as a salad spinner?!



2. GPCA Carabiner – A Ridiculously Versatile Carabiner With 17 Features



“I take this insanely versatile carabiner with me EVERYWHERE I go.” -James Bond

Did James Bond actually say that?

Maybe he did, maybe he didn’t…

(The recording device I put in his bedroom stopped working years ago.)

Really all that matters is that you’ll LOVE everything you can do with the GPCA Carabiner.

From box cuttin’ to screw drivin’ — and about a million things in between — this solid steel wizard of a tool can pretty much do it ALL.

Clip it onto your belt or backpack and feel confident knowing you possess quite possibly the coolest carabiner in the entire world.

P.S. Their super early bird deal KNOCKED MY SOCKS OFF.

(Literally, I’m now barefoot.)



1. LIFESABER® – The Ultimate Survival Tool



This looks like the kind of thing Darth Vader would give his 10-year-old nephew as a birthday present…

In other words, it’s TOTALLY BADA**.

LIFESABER® is an ultra-compact survival tool that literally looks like it’s from Star Wars.

This high-tech gizmo is PACKED with clutch features that you’ll actually use.

Its plasma fire starter instantly lights anything ablaze, and the UV water purifier and USB generator give you glorious peace of mind when you’re off-trail exploring.

Keep one in your car, at camp, or in your back pocket for immediate access to potentially lifesaving features never before combined into a single device.

P.S. Go for the “LIFESABER® Fire & Water” reward to unlock ALL the coolest features!





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September 23rd – September 29th


5. Teracube – A New Smartphone Just As Powerful As The “Big Guys” And Literally A Quarter Of The Price


Best Kickstarter Projects 2019


Technology changes FAST.

Which is why my iPhone 5, once considered the PINNACLE of technology, is now a source of mockery among my friends.


Teracube is a gloriously affordable smartphone with all the fancy bells and whistles of a flagship brand WITHOUT the outrageous price tag.

It comes with an amazing 4-year warranty, tons of storage, and an Octa-core processor that I’ve dubbed the, “Usain Bolt of phone processors” it runs so fast.

This phone lasts LONGER and costs FAR less than anything else out there AND is compatible with most major carriers!

P.S. My phone is now officially better than yours, Gary.




4. B-2 Dog Tag – Fully Concealed Nano Blade Pocket Knife

 Best Kickstarter Projects 2019


If you like dull, cumbersome pocket knives, this compact cutter simply isn’t for you.

(Also you should really reevaluate your taste in pocket knives.)

The B-2 Dog Tag is a RAZOR SHARP, fully concealed nano blade that weighs less than two ounces.

But don’t let its size fool ya…

It packs a PUNCH.

Its quick-release butterfly lock offers INSTANT access whenever you need it, ensuring NO Amazon package goes unopened.

Roughing it in the wild?

There’s no better tool to take with you.

(Apart from maybe bear spray… and toilet paper.)

P.S. They have a buy 2, get 1 FREE special going on NOW!




3. SMOOTH-Q2 – A Truly Pocket-Sized Advanced Mobile Gimbal


Best Kickstarter Projects 2019

Smooth: Listing your crush as an emergency contact so you “have to” get their number.

Not smooth: Sitting in the hospital with a broken leg and no contact with the outside world because they ignored your calls.

Smooth: Using SMOOTH-Q2 to drastically improve your phone’s videos.

Not smooth: Trying to record videos with my shaky-a** hands.

GONE are the days where people think you recorded vids in the middle of an 8.2 magnitude earthquake.

SMOOTH-Q2 is a pocket-sized stabilizer that does some seriously cool sh*t.

Take things to the NEXT LEVEL with an auto-tracking selfie mode, time-lapse mode, and my personal favorite, VORTEX MODE!

Sure, this starts as a compact gimbal, but it’s SO much more than that.

P.S. Grab these SUPER early birds while they’re hot, hot, hot!




2. MONKII 360 – A Hyper-Efficient Fitness Device That Gets Results In Just 4 Minutes A Day


Best Kickstarter Projects 2019


You’re gonna want to hear this…

What if I told you that you could LOSE weight, BUILD muscle, and STOP premature balding in just 30 seconds A DAY??

Well that’d be a lie.

But you CAN accomplish all that in just 4 minutes with MONKII 360.

(Except for the balding, you’re on your own with that one my friend.)

It’s true, 4 minutes with MONKII 360 is MORE effective than an hour long run.

It offers wildly efficient training for insanely busy people through short, high intensity movements that transform your body shockingly fast.

DynaForce Bungees and a modular MassCore provide muscle shreddin’ resistance that gets you in shape WAY quicker than your standard gym workout.

P.S. With 20 different resistance levels, and killer workouts from their app, MONKII 360 is perfect for ANYONE no matter what your fitness level!

P.P.S. Save $70 with their early bird 360 Ultimate System complete with FREE SHIPPING in the U.S.




1. Oru Kayak Inlet – A Portable Origami Folding Kayak


Best Kickstarter Projects 2019


Me: Have you SEEN this ridiculously cool FOLDING KAYAK?!

Brain: Yes, but do we really need that?

Me: Well, no… but I really, really, really want it.

Brain: We’ll be better off taking that money and investing it in… wait what are you doing?

Me: Nothing.


**clicks Back Now**

Me: I told you, nothing!

**sighs heavily**

Brain: Dammit.

Ignore that pesky brain of yours and REWARD YOURSELF with some life-changing outdoor fun.

The Inlet is an absurdly portable origami folding kayak that assembles in minutes and weighs LESS than I did on the day I was born.

(I was a fat baby, ok?!)

At just 20 pounds, its OruPlast™ shell is light enough to take anywhere and durable enough to offer supreme stability when you’re out on the water.

P.S. It folds down SUPER small, so it fits in ANY car for easy transport (yup, even a Prius).



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September 17th – September 22nd


6. BesoVida – A Microwave-Safe, Oven-Safe, Freezer-Safe MIRACLE Bowl That Belongs In YOUR Kitchen



“Pshhhhh, that’s just an average bowl.”

Oh really?

Is Mt. Everest just an “average” mountain?

Are the Patriots “pretty good” at football?

Are you just a “decent” lover?


BesoVida is the most useful “bowl” ever made — because it’s far more than a bowl.

Freeze it. Bake it. Microwave it.

Literally anything you do in the Kitchen, BesoVida handles with ease.

And because of its Russian doll design, your tupperware cabinet won’t look like the inside of a hoarder’s house anymore.

P.S. Go with their “Triple Set x 2” reward. It’s the most popular by far!



5. Lumin8 – Create Stunning Visual Displays With This Creative Glow Stick That’s Virtually Indestructible




You think your content is gonna go viral using the flash from your iPhone?

“Fugh-etta-bout-it,” as my Italian uncle used to say.

(Def don’t really have an Italian uncle.)

Lumin8 is the world’s most versatile LED light built specifically for content creators.

Its ultra-bright bi-color display creates stunning visuals to help photos and videos stand out like never before.

Capture truly unique shots in ANY conditions thanks to its IP68 water-resistant, high-durability shell that you can literally RUN OVER WITH A FREAKIN’ CAR.

This adult glow stick is DEFINITELY cooler than the ones we played with as kids.

P.S. Last we looked, they had a handful of super early birds left!




4. The Terrain Pant – Ridiculously Forgiving Pants With Nano-Wing Fabric



Have you ever ripped your pants?

I have.

I bent over one time at work and BOOM…

There was a hole the size of Texas in my pantaloons.

“Why are you standing with your back against the wall, Grant?”


Good thing The Terrain Pant features special Nano-Wing fabric that’s OUTRAGEOUSLY forgiving.

They’re stain-resistant and HALF the weight of jeans.

Offering all-day comfort and superior breathability you just won’t find in your average pair of pants.

P.S. They’re sustainably made right here in the good-ole U.S.A., baby!




3. MOFT X – Invisible Foldaway Stand For Phone/Tablet


Most phone stands are like a bodybuilder without a gym membership…

Supremely bulky and utterly useless.

MOFT X is a wonderfully slim foldaway phone/tablet stand that’s virtually INVISIBLE when you’re not using it.

Each 6-angle stand is light as a feather and shockingly strong, adding unmatched versatility as you binge-watch shows on your favorite devices.

Use its quick-release magnetic pad for hands-free navigation in the car, or the 3-card holder if you’re headin’ out on the town.

Simply put, that PopSocket on the back of your phone is fine.

But MOFT X is better.



2. Truengine2 – Absurdly Powerful Wireless Earbuds



I’ll let you in on a little secret…

If you search “earbuds” on Amazon, you’ll get over 40,000 results.

And they all SUCK.

Well, most of them.

They’re either cheap pieces of low-tech garbage or more expensive than a semester at an Ivy League school.

But Truengine2 isn’t on Amazon — it’s on Kickstarter.

Because nowhere else on Earth can you find $69 earbuds that sound THIS good.

Their patented dual dynamic drivers deliver crystal clear audio that’s as balanced and smooth as a $400 pair of luxury headphones.

Powerful, deep bass gently glides through your ears offering an audio experience that makes music come alive.

P.S. Even though these are an absolute STEAL at just $69, it kinda stinks that you have to pay $30 for shipping…

PSYCHE! Shipping is FREE worldwide!




1. Legion Solar 4 – Wildly Efficient, Permission-Free Solar Energy



Solar panels are kinda like Dippin’ Dots…

They’ve been the “ice cream of the future” for like 30 years.

Why haven’t they caught on?

Because they’re expensive, complicated, and HUGEEEEEE.

Well, they used to be.

Legion Solar 4 is a solar energy solution that easily installs in minutes, provides instant power, and pays for itself 3x faster than traditional solar panel systems.

It’s not tied to the power grid, so you’re free to produce your OWN energy unrestricted WITHOUT asking permission from your utility company.

If you’ve been thinking about hoppin’ on the solar bandwagon, it’s time to jump on board my friend.




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September 9th – September 16th


4. SuperCharger² – Automatic Self-Charging Hybrid Smart Watch


Best Kickstarter Projects 2019


Hybrids are awesome.

Imagine combining a moose with a duck.

Now that’s what I call a super animal.

But if you’re looking for a super watch, look no further than the SuperCharger².

It offers the benefits of a smart watch with the look of a modern classic.

Its self-charging display comes with high-precision sensors that track fitness activity in real time.

While marine-grade stainless steel and domed sapphire glass combine to produce a watch that’s waterproof up to 50 meters.

Helping you can stay digitally connected WITHOUT the digital look.

P.S. What would a moose/duck be called? The leader in the clubhouse is “Doose”.




3. Splash – The Reusable & Eco-friendly Sanitizer


Best Kickstarter Projects 2019



That’s what I shouted as I watched my new iPhone slip out of my hand and into the toilet last month.

For 7 days and 7 nights, I watched that bag of rice like a hawk.

Finally, on Day 8, like a budding April flower, we had life.

The only problem?

It was absolutely filthy.

Splash is a re-useable keychain sanitizer that cleans your phone screen and a WHOLE lot more.

It’s an eco-friendly way to keep your stuff germ-free WITHOUT slapping mother nature in the face.

Because even if you didn’t just drop you phone in the can, it could probably still use a thorough cleaning.



2. Woojer Edge – 360° Immersive Experience That Lets You FEEL Sound


Best Kickstarter Projects 2019


Have you ever stood right beside the speaker at a concert?


It’s GREAT for feeling music, but now you don’t have eardrums.

Woojer Edge offers the best of both worlds.

A truly immersive sound experience that lets you feel the music without demolishing your ears.

The Strap Edge is an ultra-affordable wearable built for music lovers that will leave your entire body tingling.

Looking for an even more powerful experience?

The Vest Edge gives gamers an unreal thrill through 360° immersive sound.

Either way, you’ll be taking your sound experience to an ENTIRELY new level.

P.S. Enjoy 45% off with their early bird reward and get FREE SHIPPING in the U.S.




1. DreamGlass Air – A 1oo-inch HD Screen That Fits In Your Pocket


Best Kickstarter Projects 2019


“Hey man, what are you watchin’ on that thing?”

“The game, of course!”

**silently wipes away tear while streaming The Notebook**

DreamGlass Air is a high-tech GAME-CHANGER that literally feels like you’re in your OWN movie theater.

Imagine projecting a private, 100-inch HD screen anywhere you go.

Stream ANY content from ANY phone on a massive crystal clear display that blows your phone’s screen out of the freakin’ water.

Plane rides, Ubers, chilling on the couch…

NONE of it will be the same after you unlock the unreal experience that is DreamGlass Air.

P.S. Their super early bird rewards have an expected delivery THIS December!




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September 1st – September 8th


6. SilverBoxers – Gloriously Comfortable Underwear Woven With Futuristic Silver Fiber


Best Kickstarter Projects 2019


I’m wearing 9 year old underwear right now.

No, not underwear made for 9-year-olds…

I mean my underwear is almost a decade old!

(Yes, it’s true. And no, I’m not proud of it!)


Because every new pair rides up my butt farther than my boss after I miss a deadline.

(I’m writing as fast as I can, Jerry!)

Good thing SilverUnderwear is delightfully different.

Its blissfully soft cotton fabric is woven with silver fibers that naturally reduce odor and wick away moisture.

Keeping you cool and comfortable down there WITHOUT ridin’ up on your junk.

P.S. I’d tell you more about their STELLAR early bird deal, but Jerry’s up my a** to send this thing out on time!




5. The Universal Camera Strap by Kuvrd


Best Kickstarter Projects 2019


They sell you a $1,000 camera…

And include a $1 strap.

It makes a ton of sense for camera companies, and literally NO sense for you.

Protect YOUR investment and make every shot drastically easier with The Universal Camera Strap by KUVRD.

It instantly connects to ANY camera adding unparalleled support and peace of mind thanks to its ballistic-grade nylon webbing fabric that’s literally stronger than titanium.

Adjusting the dual-sided strap couldn’t be easier, simply slide the tessellating paddles into place and you’ll be good to go.

P.S. Paying for shipping sucks, so they made it FREE worldwide!

P.P.S. I have no idea what “tessellating” means, but it sure sounds good.




4. The Moose – A Stylish Travel Bag With A Cool Hidden Twist


Best Kickstarter Projects 2019


Close your eyes and image…

You’re getting some last minute work done before your flight and BOOM.

You catch some Jabroni all up in your business!


But nobody cares.

Alas, you’ll have to protect yourself from peeping toms.

Easily SHUT ‘EM OUT with The Moose Workstation Bag.

It’s a highly-stylish briefcase/backpack combo with BUILT-IN privacy walls that let you get sensitive work done from anywhere.

But The Moose isn’t just some one trick pony.

Its genius design maximizes space letting you easily access everything you need in SECONDS.

Add in highly durable slash-proof, water-resistant fabric and you have yourself the ULTIMATE commuter bag.

P.S. Here’s a special deal just for Kickstarter backers: Get their attachable toiletry bag included FREE if you back their early bird reward!




3. YOGGI BALL – An All-In-One Recovery Tool With 3-Speed Vibration Heating Mode


Best Kickstarter Projects 2019


The bad news:

My back has more knots than an international tie salesman convention.

The good news:

YOGGI BALL instantly melts that pain away.

This all-in-one modular massage tool works like an absolute dream to reduce stiffness, soreness, and muscle inflammation.

How, you ask?

Its 3-speed vibration mode uses soothing HEAT therapy to gently relax away pain helping you recover from workouts exponentially faster.

So leave the knots to those sleazy tie salesman…

And let YOGGI BALL help YOUR body feel good again.

P.S. Don’t miss out on their early bird deals with FREE SHIPPING worldwide!

And don’t worry if you’re actually a tie salesman, I don’t really think you’re sleazy.

(Yes I do.)




2. Q Mic – An Amazingly Simple Microphone That Works With Any Device to Capture Crystal Clear Sound


Best Kickstarter Projects 2019


You hear that?

Actually, you probably don’t because your phone’s microphone has the recording quality of a potato.

Unlock stunningly crisp, clear sound with Q Mic.

It’s a wonderfully SIMPLE device with three highly useful modes.

There’s Omni Mode that capture high-quality sound from ANY direction.

Directional Mode when someone in the background won’t shut the heck up.

And my personal favorite, ASMR Mode, which picks up even the subtlest of sounds.

(Like my silent sobs after my ex left me.)

This surprisingly affordable mic is PERFECT for content creators or anyone looking to elevate their sound quality beyond that of a root vegetable.

P.S. Take me back, Susan! I’ll do anything!



1. DuoTek – An Ultra-Light Reversible Reflective Jacket That Prevents You From Getting Hit By Cars (Hopefully)


Best Kickstarter Projects 2019


Daylight saving time ends in 67 days.

Which means that in just a few short months, your evening jog will turn into a virtual DEATH trap!

Think I’m being dramatic??

Those dark workout clothes may go with anything, but they’re absolutely TERRIBLE at preventing cars from running you over!

Fight back against nighttime hazards with the DuoTek Reflective Jacket.

It’s 100% waterproof, windproof, and REVERSIBLE — built to wear day AND night.

It offers crucial visibility when you need it, and top-notch performance when you don’t.

P.S. Its waterproof rear pocket keeps your phone from moving up and down while you’re running. Because those arm strap thingies are sooooooooo 2013.



August 25th – August 31st


3. Glowing Galaxies 2.0 – Mesmerizing Milky Way Murals & Prints



My parents live in the middle of nowhere Montana.

There’s one stop light in the entire county and it takes them an hour to drive to the grocery store.

But what they lack in modern amenities, they make up for with stars.

But you don’t have to fly across the country to capture the experience, just get Glowing Galaxies 2.0 — mesmerizing Milky Way murals and prints that will make your JAW DROP.

These spellbinding works of art are eye-catching during the day, but they transform into glow-in-the-dark masterpieces at night.

Just imagine the view you’ll have above YOUR bed.



2. Urbie Air – A 3-in-1 Eco Air Purifier, Dehumidifier, and Self-Watering Smart Plant



Take a deep breath.

Actually, don’t.

Your home’s air is staler than a 2-month old piece of bread!

Freshen things up EFFORTLESSLY with Urbie Air.

It’s a 3-in-1 eco air purifier, dehumidifier, and self-watering smart plant that expertly blends nature with technology to add wonderfully fresh air to your home.

The best part?

Urbie Air literally takes care of ITSELF thanks to its hyper-accurate moisture sensors.

P.S. Last we checked, there were a few early birds left!



1. Alpha™ Pillow – The World’s First Cooling Ice Silk Pillow Made With Pure Silver Fibers



Maybe you’re like me…

Pillow flatter than a pancake, older than Albus Dumbledore, and about as hygienic as the inside of an airplane restroom.

But we don’t have to sleep like this — not anymore!

Imagine resting your head on the Alpha™ Pillow instead.

It’s the world’s first ultra-soft pillow made with a germ defense system that lets you wash it 5x less often.

Pure silver fibers, bamboo charcoal, and carbon-infused memory foam work to neutralize odors and bacteria, while ice silk technology keeps you cool and comfortable all night long.

P.S. Save a whopping $70 by ordering an early bird Alpha™ Pillow TODAY and you’ll be sleeping like a baby by Christmas. (FREE SHIPPING in the U.S.)




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August 19th – August 24th

5. NILS 2.0 – A Wildly Futuristic WEARABLE Charger


Best Kickstarter Projects 2019


Look at your left wrist…

What do you see?

Your Apple Watch? A fitness tracker? An oddly shaped mole?

(You should probably get that checked out, by the way.)

But no matter what’s on your wrist now, NILS 2.0 belongs there too.

It’s an ultra-versatile charging cable disguised as a sleek bracelet that offers quick, convenient charging for just about ANY device.

Simply pop it off your wrist when your devices need extra juice and you’ll NEVER be stranded with a dead phone again!

P.S. You can get this revolutionary wearable for a SHOCKINGLY LOW price!




4. The Pacific – Ultra-Comfortable Hybrid Shoes


Best Kickstarter Projects 2019


I just polled 97 people around the office, and the results are in…

These shoes BALL OUT!

From that early morning meeting to a late night happy hour, The Pacific is the dressy casual hybrid you’ve been looking for.

A lightweight, breathable alternative to standard dress shoes, these sustainable kicks are built for ALL DAY style and comfort.

You don’t even have to wear socks thanks to their odor-resistant design!



3. TRACPOINT – An Incredibly Compact 2-in-1 Travel Mouse


Best Kickstarter Projects 2019


“Phew, thank GOODNESS this airplane has so much room to WORK!”
-nobody, ever

Space is at an all-time premium on the go.

So why not use a gadget that’s the right size for the job?

The TRACPOINT Mouse & Presenter is a total game-changer for travelers.

Its compact size lets you work absolutely ANYWHERE and drastically increases productivity by freeing you from the dreaded trackpad.

But it’s not just a wireless travel mouse…

DOMINATE presentations with its built-in spotlight, and breeze through slides with on-screen navigation control.



2. bobobark – A 3-in-1 Designer Handbag That Keeps You Organized


Best Kickstarter Projects 2019



It’s ok, I know.

The inside of your current bag looks a lot like your last relationship — messy, complicated, and undeniably unpleasant.

Simplify your life with bobobark, an ultra-stylish designer bag inspired by the magic of Paris and handcrafted for YOU.

Its 3-in-1 versatility lets you go from backpack, to briefcase, to shoulder bag instantly while a 180° clamshell clasp reveals an easily organized, plus size main compartment.

The premium cork fabric is gently polished in Portugal, making it as soft and supple as leather, while remaining 3x as light.

P.S. Get an AMAZING $80 off by snagging one of their early bird rewards before they sell out!



1. Travel Shoes by BauBax


Best Kickstarter Projects 2019


You and your shoes have been through A LOT together.

Evening jogs. Sunday strolls.

And who could forget that time you stepped in “mud” only to realize…

Yup, that was dog sh*t.

So, given that shockingly smelly memory, don’t you think it’s time for a change?

Upgrade to BauBax Travel Shoesa GLORIOUSLY comfortable blend of cushioning coconut coir, soothing merino wool, and cooling bamboo fabric.​

These shoes feel like you’re walking on a cloud made of flower petals.

Actually, they feel BETTER than that.

And the best part?

They come in eight wonderfully unique styles from dressy to casual for both men AND women, making them the PERFECT match for any outfit.

So, the choice is yours.

Stick with your trusty “mud” covered shoes, or experience something wildly different with a pair of these.

P.S. This project just launched so here’s your chance to snag highly limited early birds!

P.P.S. Delivery is guaranteed by Christmas and you’ll unlock FREE SHIPPING with two or more pairs. (They make a great gift!)






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August 11th – August 18th


5. The Delta Shovel – A Fully-Collapsible High-Performance Shovel


Best Kickstarter Projects 2019


I bet if the kids from Holes used these shovels, The Warden wouldn’t have been so pissed off all the time.

The Delta Shovel is a high-grade hauler.

An earth-mover powerful enough to handle ANY job and portable enough to take ANYWHERE.

It’s a full-size, heavy-duty shovel that fully collapses in seconds, making this the PERFECT digging tool for camping and more!

P.S. The Delta Shovel comes in your choice of ultra-light aircraft grade aluminum OR ridiculously rugged American-made steel.




4. Litmore Battery Cam – Sleek Wireless Camera With 365-Day Battery


Best Kickstarter Projects 2019


Some jack-wagon stole a package off my front porch a few months ago.

If only I’d had the Litmore Battery Cam, I’d have chased his a** down for a severe case of vigilante justice.

Uhhh, I mean I’d have promptly alerted the authorities, of course.

This highly portable HD camera packs a shocking amount of technology in an ultra-sleek design.

It features 2-way talk, night vision mode, a 1-year battery, and HD video capture.

P.S. Their “Kickstarter Special” price has potential burglars shaking in their boots!




3. Acteon Splash Bag – The Super Affordable Dry Bag


Best Kickstarter Projects 2019


Is there anything worse than walking around in a wet bathing suit?


Putting that bathing suit in your bag and making EVERYTHING soaking wet.

The Acteon Splash Bag is delightfully simple.

Put your wet stuff in, keep the rest bone dry.

That’s it.

It’s a truly effortless solution to the worst part of your beach or pool day.

P.S. At just 15 bucks, their early bird deals are flyin’ off the shelves!



2. Pakt Coffee Kit – The Ultra-Portable Stacking Travel Coffee Kit


Best Kickstarter Projects 2019


Of course I’m not addicted to coffee.*

*Fights through pounding headache and shaking hands to type that.

But making a quality cup of joe isn’t always easy — especially when you’re away from home.

Good thing the Pakt Coffee Kit is changing that in a BIG way.

This ultra-portable, all-in-one kit has everything you need to make a delicious cup of coffee anywhere on Earth.

Its brilliant design stacks into itself, and includes a stainless steel kettle, collapsable dripper, and double-walled travel mug.

So with this, literally all you need to achieve caffeinated bliss is a little bit of water and a place to plug it in.




1. Boaz One – The 50-in-1 Modular Guitar


Best Kickstarter Projects 2019


Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, and now… YOU!

The greatest guitarists of all-time would KILL for the chance to tickle their fingers up and down this versatile bad boy.

But all you have to do is click that big green button below.

The Boaz One modular guitar is an earth-shattering musical advancement that combines a whopping 50 guitar styles in one.

Easily swap components in as little as 10 seconds to unleash an UNLIMITED selection of sounds sweeter than honey drippin’ straight off the comb.

Whether you’ve been playing for years or are just getting started, THIS guitar has your name written all over it.

P.S. Most quality guitars cost thousands, but these early bird deals are so good they’ll make your heart skip a beat!





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August 3rd – August 10th



4. M250 Hexdrive Toolkit – A Ridiculously Compact 14-in-1 Multi-Tool


Best Kickstarter Projects 2019


Here’s a joke that I just made up…

What did the hammer say to the nail?

“Hey, screw you!”

Wow, that made absolutely no sense.

But you know what does make sense?

Carrying around this bad boy in your pocket 24 hours a day.

(Well, maybe not while you’re sleeping.)

The M250 hex drive toolkit is an ABSURDLY COMPACT multi-tool that’s like having 14 different screwdrivers in the palm of your hand.

It even features powerful magnetic retention and a super helpful extender to deliver unmatched torque when you need it most.

P.S. Their early bird special is a RIDICULOUSLY good deal.





3. AirFlex Tech Pants – Super Flexible Work Pants


Best Kickstarter Projects 2019



Are you wearing pants right now?

If not, don’t worry.

I like to surf the web in my underwear, too.

But if you are, how do they feel?

Hot, stiff, and stuffy?

That’s what I was afraid of.

Give the AirFlex Tech Pants a whirl instead.

These hybrid work pants blend comfort and style with a high-function fabric that helps your legs breathe even in the hottest weather.

Their wrinkle-resistant design comes with supremely forgiving gel padding around the waist for the PERFECT fit no matter what shape you’re in.

P.S. As of this afternoon, they had a highly limited number of early birds left!





2. GoRelax – A Blissfully Comfortable Relaxation Mat


Best Kickstarter Projects 2019


Work, life, and pretty much everything else, produces more stress than my mom experienced sitting shotgun while I was learning how to drive.

But what if there was a simple, easy way to wind down at the end of a long day?

Meet the GoRelax relaxation mat — the amazingly soothing answer to your dream of stress-free living.

192 scientifically placed Lotus stimulators trigger thousands of hard to reach pressure points to literally melt away pain, soreness, and stress.

Trust me, using this will 100% be the best 15 minutes of your day.

P.S. Good news! They have EARLY BIRD deals left!





1. AVENSI – Revolutionary Coffee-Enhancing Glassware


Best Kickstarter Projects 2019


Be honest with me…

What did you pour YOUR coffee into this morning?

That mystery mug you stole from the break room that says, “World’s Best Boss?”

(You know damn well it’s not talking about your boss.)

A paper cup from Starbucks?

(But what about the trees, man!)

A YETI thermos?

(Those cost more than last month’s rent!)

No matter what you use to hold your morning Cup of Joe, AVENSI coffee-enhancing glassware will BLOW IT OUT OF THE WATER.

Its revolutionary shape unleashes your coffee’s full potential by maximizing its aroma, taste, and flavor through gentle swirling.

Simply put, your tastebuds won’t know what hit ’em.

P.S. These glasses actually come in three different styles, but the best early bird deal is on the complete set!





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July 28th – August 2nd


4. MICROBLADE PILL – A Shockingly Small Keychain Cutter



Powerfully small — like a baby with a rocket launcher.

That’s how I’d describe the MICROBLADE PILL, a shockingly sleek keychain cutter that you’ll use every single day.

This stainless steel BEAST slides right onto your keychain, offering unmatched slicing power in a blade the size of your thumbnail.

Whether you’re opening your newest Amazon delivery, or defending yourself from that war-hungry infant, this EDC device belongs on YOUR keychain.

P.S. They’re offering FREE SHIPPING worldwide!




3. OmniFob – The Smart Key Fob For Everything



Have you ever gone over to a friend’s house and had NO idea how to turn on their TV?

Then they grab the remote, push exactly 11 buttons in precise order and declare, “See, it’s easy!”

When it comes to technology, simple is better.

And there’s really nothing simpler than a smart key fob that controls everything around you.

Start your car, lock the door, or turn up the AC — all with the touch of a button.

Pretty much anything you can think of, OmniFob can do.

P.S. You can’t put a price on convenience… wait, actually these guys did and it’s surprisingly affordable!




2. DUET – The 4-in-1 Hybrid Floor Cleaner



Pretty sure you’d die if you used the 5-second rule in my house.

Those floors are filthy, people.

But Duet is changing that in a BIG way.

This 4-in-1 floor cleaning wizard is a magical hybrid that makes cleaning up ANY mess an absolute breeze.

Dirt? Easy.
Mud? No problem.
Dog hair? It never stood a freakin’ chance!

Go from mopping, to sweeping, and back again instantly with this wonderfully convenient device that literally cleans itself.

P.S. To say their early birds are a good deal is the understatement of the CENTURY!




1. Bolde Bottle – The Stainless Steel Protein Shaker



“Nice shaker, bro. You get that thing at Blockbuster??”

That’s what you’ll be asking every poor sap at the gym still using those old school plastic protein shakers.

They’re about as cutting edge as your recording of The Titanic on VHS.

UPGRADE to the Bolde Bottle.

A game-changing stainless steel protein shaker that eliminates odor, prevents leaks, and roundhouse kicks obnoxious rattling into oblivion.

It’s the ultimate gym accessory to help you stay in shape and look good doing it.

P.S. Their early bird pricing is about as enticing as a wide-open squat rack!




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July 20th – July 27th


3. EVA Cushion – The Ultimate Posture-Correcting Chair


Best Kickstarter Projects 2019


My parents live in Montana and DRIVE to North Carolina when they come to visit me.

That’s 40 hours of continuous keister sitting.

But even half an hour in an uncomfortable seat can make anyone’s bum hurt.

Which is why the EVA Cushion is the PERFECT, posture-correcting solution for ANY royal pains in your arse.

From road trips, to stadiums, and everywhere in between, this plush cushion provides crucial support to keep you comfortable and reduce pain while sitting for long stretches.



2. Shepherd Lock – The Keyless Smart Lock For Your Front Door


Best Kickstarter Projects 2019


Ahhh, I remember it like it was yesterday…

The year was 2014 and we were hosting our final college party. I needed to go in my room for something, but the door was locked from the INSIDE.

“I’m being robbed,” I thought before coming to my senses. “No… somebody’s gettin’ it on in there!”

I pounded on the door to no avail before my friend somehow picked the lock.

We burst in to find… an exceptionally drunk dude peeing in my closet.

You know what part of that story should scare you the most?

(No, it’s not the dangers of binge-drinking, mom.)

It’s the fact that my buddy picked the lock in about 10 seconds!

Protect YOUR home and family with Shepherd Lock, a keyless smart lock that transforms your current deadbolt into a high-tech fortress.

It easily installs to your current door WITHOUT the hassle of drilling, and even alerts you if there’s a break-in attempt.

P.S. It gives you glorious peace of mind against home intruders (and urinating sophomores).



1. Zucklight – Magical Glowing Sleep Box


Best Kickstarter Projects 2019


Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night with an endless stream of thoughts racing through your head?

“Wait, did I feed the dog?”

“Where on Earth is Amelia Earhart?!”

“Aw sh*t… I forgot to pick Billy up from school again!”

Stressful days lead to stressful nights, and waking up to check your phone is basically like chugging a Red Bull before taking a nap.

But what if there was a calmer, more peaceful way to know when it’s time to get up?

Meet Zucklight, a gently glowing sleep box offering zen-like relaxation for totally stress-free mornings.

If you wake up to tranquil green, just close your eyes and drift back to sleep, it’s not quite time to wake up. See yellow or red? It’s time to roll, baby!

It’s a wonderfully soothing way to start your day, and will help you get a far, far better night’s rest.

P.S. Zucklight is a wireless charger and air quality monitor, too! 





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July 13th – July 18th


5. The DUO Daypack


Best Kickstarter Projects 2019


Have you ever asked somebody out and had them say no?

Remember how shitty that felt?

Well you’re gonna feel the exact OPPOSITE when this freakin’ BEAST of a backpack arrives at your door.

NOTHING ELSE combines this level of internal organization with waterproof ballistic fabric and an undeniably sexy design.

Instantly access your entire backpack thanks to InfiniteZip™ technology, which makes finding anything you need as easy as a swipe right on Tinder.

The DUO Daypack isn’t the first backpack on Kickstarter, and it sure as heck won’t be the last. But is it the best one ever made?

We’ll let you be the judge of that.




Best Kickstarter Projects 2019


Confession time:

I make the same four meals over and over again.

If variety is the spice of life, then my life is BORING AF.

It’s time for us to revitalize our cooking with the Chef Caddy — a completely reinvented magnetic spice rack that makes creating absurdly flavorful meals amazingly quick and easy.

Chef Caddy eliminates kitchen clutter with quick-release magnets that make neatly storing spices outrageously simple.

It even automatically groups complimentary spices together, helping you create mouthwatering meals even if you’re not the next Top Chef.

P.S. If your spice cabinet looks like the inside of a pre-school after 57 three-year-olds just woke up from their naps, consider getting the “Extra Prepped” special set.




Best Kickstarter Projects 2019


“But I already HAVE a pillow,” you say. “Why would I need THIS one?!”

Read on, young Padawan, and I shall tell you a tale.

Snoring, heartburn, neck, back, and joint pain are all caused by the same thing…

Your body isn’t in proper alignment while you sleep. But what’s the solution?

Break up with your snoring partner, pop a couple of TUMS, and make an appointment with your local chiropractor?


Just get the Comfy Night orthopedic pillow set. It’s a luxurious set of memory foam pillows that tackles ALL of those nighttime annoyances at once.



Best Kickstarter Projects 2019


Add the world “nitro” to anything and it sounds roughly 187% more bada**.


And now? The uKeg Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Maker.

It’s essentially a coffee maker on steroids — crafting rich, creamy, nitro-infused cold brew on demand.

Never had nitro cold brew before? Well let’s put it this way…

Your favorite coffee drink is about to become your SECOND favorite coffee drink.

P.S. This all-in-one device keeps this liquid gold fresh for WEEKS, too, so you’ll always have a delicious pick-me-up ready to go.


Best Kickstarter Projects 2019


Have you ever been stuck in the middle seat on a cross-country flight?

Knees jammed into your chest…

Two sumo-wrestlers-in-training sandwiched on either side of you fighting over YOUR armrests.

If you’re reading this, then you survived. Barely.

And while The SIX Carry-on Luggage can’t help you escape middle seat hell…

It WILL make your traveling experience exponentially better.

They completely re-imagined what a carry-on can be — from the genius way it rolls, to how you pack your stuff, The SIX is a lesson in what brilliant design can do.

From an ergonomic handle that propels the bag forward to a re-engineered interior that gives you 10% more packing space, this is a delightfully SIMPLE bag that shuns fancy bells and whistles and gives you exactly what you need instead.




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July 5th – July 12th


4. Handy Gym – The Ultimate Portable Gym


Best Kickstarter Projects 2019

Gym memberships are awesome… at never getting used and wasting a boat load of money.

Handy Gym offers a refreshingly convenient alternative that gives you a full-body, muscle-blasting workout absolutely ANYWHERE!

Its uses the same inertial technology used by NASA to train astronauts.

With compact resistance of up to 220 pounds, it’s the perfect, portable way to stay in shape no matter what excuses life throws your way.

P.S. Changing resistance disks couldn’t be easier! Simply swap in the yellow, blue, or red disk for 12 different levels of power.



3. Grill Rescue – The World’s Best Grill Brush 


Best Kickstarter Projects 2019

It’s grillin’ season, baby!

Butttt it’s also grill cleaning season. Which, in a word, sucks.

Good thing Grill Rescue makes cleaning your grill wonderfully easy thanks to its genius use of steam.

Simply dip the brush in water, gently scrub your grill, and burnt-on food will disappear faster than my ex after I said, “I love you” for the first time.

It’s a delightfully quick and easy way to clean up after those burgers, and even goes in the dishwasher when you’re done.

P.S. The narrator has an, uh, interesting comparison 58 seconds into their video.


2. Nanobag 3.0 – The Ultimate Reusable Coffee Bags


Best Kickstarter Projects 2019

You’ve heard of Mom Strength, right?

When an everyday lady suddenly becomes the Incredible Hulk when her kid is in danger?

Well I’d like to coin a new term: Grocery Guns.

When your biceps pop out of your shirt from the strain of carrying 27 fully-loaded grocery bags because you REFUSE to take more than one trip inside.

Unfortunately for me, it’s not gonna catch on because EVERYONE is getting the Nanobag 3.0 — the ultimate reusable shopping bag.

This ultra-light bag can handle your entire shopping list thanks to its reinforced diamond ripstop fabric.

P.S. 11 full-color styles will have you lookin’ GOOD while saving the planet.

1. Lupe Cordless Vacuum Cleaner


Best Kickstarter Projects 2019


Most cordless vacuums have about as much power as a malnourished flamingo.

But not the Lupe Cordless Vacuum.

Its patented suction intensifier delivers shockingly strong suction that’s literally TWICE as powerful as ANY other cordless cleaner out there.

Its fade-free power cleans your entire house on a single charge, while brilliantly designed built-in tools help you clean hard to reach spots with ease.

Love replacing disgusting vacuum bags?

Of course not!

And now you won’t have to.

Lupe’s super simple bagless container empties in the blink of an eye.



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June 21st – June 28th


4. Intake Breathing – A Revolutionary Breathing Strip


Best Kickstarter Projects 2019


Breathe only through your nose for the next 10 seconds.

Seriously, try it!

How was it? Like stuffing an elephant into a Prius?

Try Intake instead.

It’s the world’s first magnetic nasal band that instantly opens your nasal passageways for maximum airflow, allowing you to experience amazingly full, deep breathing.

Whether you’re on a run, in the gym, or just trying to get a better night’s sleep, this miracle magnetic strip will have you breathing better than EVER before.

P.S. The beginning of their campaign video is pretty freakin’ funny!




3. MezmoCoin – The Mesmerizing Desk Toy


Best Kickstarter Projects 2019

Blackbeard would’ve had his hands ALL OVER this booty.

Buttttt he’s dead, so you can have it all to yourself!

MezmoCoin is a mesmerizing desktop toy engineered with aerospace grade precision out of solid metal and a tungsten carbide tip.

It provides endless entertainment as you procrastinate at work by spinning for a whopping 12 straight minutes.

WARNING: Side effects include a substantial increase in co-worker visits to your desk to check out your cool new toy. Yes, unfortunately even Steve from accounting.



2. Fire Safe – A Portable Fire Pit by Wolf and Grizzly


Best Kickstarter Projects 2019


The Fire Safe is a supremely portable fire pit that lets you start and maintain a fire ANYWHERE.

This lightweight camping accessory assembles in seconds and perfectly elevates your fuel source above damp ground, so starting a fire — even when it’s wet — has never been easier.

It’s a clutch addition to any outdoorsman’s arsenal and a virtual no-brainer for every camper.

P.S. Woo-hoo! They have EARLY BIRDS left!




1. The GrillGun – A Bada** Mini Flame Thrower For Your Grill


Best Kickstarter Projects 2019


Did you get an insanely bada** mini-flamethrower for Father’s Day?

No? Well then you NEED The GrillGun.

It’s a high-powered torch that’s ridiculously effective and absurdly fun to use. 

Light ANYTHING 5x faster — from charcoal grills to fire pits to campfires.

Our ancestors would literally KILL for this thing…

But all YOU have to do is click that green button to start grillin’ like a boss.

P.S. You can get The GrillGun for a ridiculously low price and FREE SHIPPING right now! Go on, treat yourself, you know you deserve it!





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