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The Best Kickstarter Projects of 2020


April 4th – April 11th


4. ZEROD – Waterproof Performance Trench Coats



Two types of people wear trench coats:

1. Highly fashionable modern professionals.

2. Guys named Larry with 30 fake Rolex lining their pockets.

Good thing ZEROD Jackets look amazing on EVERYBODY.

Their tri-layered membrane keeps you dry for over an HOUR in heavy rain.

And wind doesn’t stand a CHANCE against its THERMOLITE® T-Down insulation.

It’s a modern take on a classic look with FREE SHIPPING worldwide!


3. The Beartooth Rod by Tenkara Rod Co.



Times were simpler once.

You could drop everything, head up to the mountains, and trout fish in your favorite stream.

Wait a sec…


But you’re gonna need The Beartooth Rod.

It’s a shockingly LIGHTWEIGHT carbon fiber rod that weighs just 2 ounces.

It extends from 14 inches to 10 feet for quick and easy use ANYWHERE.

And it’s strong enough to land a 90-pound fish!

(Ok, that’s not true.)

But it CAN handle a 16-inch trout with ease!

P.S. The early bird “Beartooth Rod Package” has everything you need to fish!



2. SuperCalla – The Mess-Free Magnetic Charger



Where’s the tangled mess?

The jumbled cords?

The overheating pile of charging horror?!

SuperCalla is a SUPERHERO that makes ALL that nonsense a thing of the past!

It’s a genius charging cable that’s neat AND discreet.

Perfectly placed magnets snap into place, creating an instant coil that STAYS OUT OF YOUR WAY!

Ready to use your devices?

Simply unwind the spool and you’ll be good to go!

P.S. The ultra affordable 3-pack is by FAR their most popular reward.


1. Makeway – Magnetic Super Puzzle



Is it healthy to wear sweatpants 17 days in a row?

(I’ve walked around the block so many times there’s literally a RUT in the concrete.)

I need help.

And, more importantly, something to DO!

Meet Makeway — an absurdly FUN answer to your boredom prayers.

It’s like a Hot Wheels track on steroids.

Build your own custom track on ANY metal surface and become the undisputed MASTER OF MARBLES!

Cannons, catapults, and fun-flinging spinners are just the beginning.

Unlock the feeling of JOY again with this one of a kind game!

P.S. The early bird “Makeway Obsession Pack” is the ONLY way to go.

(It’s 51% off RIGHT NOW!)



March 30th – April 3rd


4. ShowerShroom – Kiss Clogged Drains Goodbye!


Best Kickstarter Projects 2020


At the rate I’m finding hairs in my shower drain…

I’ll be bald by the time you finish reading this sentence!

And while nothing short of a miracle will save my precious locks…

YOU can save your drain with ShowerShroom Ultra.

Say GOODBYE to annoying clogs and HELLO to a free and clear drain.

It couldn’t be simpler.

Simply pop it in, pop it out, and wipe away the few remaining strands of my dignity.

P.S. It costs less than a haircut at Great Clips!


3. MARKSMITH – A Bolt-Action **Retractable** Permanent Marker


Best Kickstarter Projects 2020


Hold up…

A coffee maker that’s ALSO a travel mug?!

What’s next, ice cream that helps you LOSE weight??

Thankfully Oomph 2.0 actually exists.

(Unlike my dream ice cream.)

Simply add coffee, hot water, and a bit of pressure and you have yourself the PERFECT cup of Joe.

High-grade insulation keeps your cup toasty warm LONG after your first meeting of the day.

It’s the ultimate 2-in-1 solution for coffee lovers who HATE the hassle of traditional brewers!


2. Oomph 2.0 – A 2-in-1 Coffee Brewer Travel Mug Hybrid


Best Kickstarter Projects 2020


Hold up…

A coffee maker that’s ALSO a travel mug?!

What’s next, ice cream that helps you LOSE weight??

Thankfully Oomph 2.0 actually exists.

(Unlike my dream ice cream.)

Simply add coffee, hot water, and a bit of pressure and you have yourself the PERFECT cup of Joe.

High-grade insulation keeps your cup toasty warm LONG after your first meeting of the day.

It’s the ultimate 2-in-1 solution for coffee lovers who HATE the hassle of traditional brewers!



1. SANDSARA – A Mesmerizing Kinetic  Sand Sculpture


Best Kickstarter Projects 2020


Close your eyes, friends…

We’re going on an adventure.

You are NOT at home in your PJs right now.

Instead, you’re relaxing on a tropical beach.

Sand between your toes.

Piña Colada in your hand.

And the sun shining on that beautifully tan face of yours.

THAT’S what it feels like watching the magic of SANDSARA.

It’s a beautifully crafted kinetic sand sculpture that belongs in YOUR home.

Watch its mesmerizing patterns for hours as your mind drifts away to another place and time.

Choose from 100+ soothing patterns or easily create your own.

It’s truly the PERFECT at-home stress-reducer that looks absolutely stunning.

P.S. Save a whopping $150 with their early bird reward!




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March 22nd – March 29th


4. NECKAIR – An Ultra-Portable Heated Neck Massager


Best Kickstarter Projects 2020



My request to cancel 2020 is still pending.


I’ve come to offer some much needed stress relief.

NECKAIR makes instant relaxation blissfully easy.

Its 10 soothing speeds gently reduce tension while calming heat therapy melts your troubles away.

It’s the PERFECT way to close your eyes and just forget about the world.

(If only for a few minutes.)

P.S. They’re offering FREE SHIPPING worldwide!


3. Bucqle – The Belt Killer


Best Kickstarter Projects 2020


Belt maker Rick:

“Should we add more than 5 holes?”

Belt maker Steve:

“Why would we do that?”

Belt maker Rick:

“Uhhh, because everyone’s waist is different?”

Belt maker Steve:


Ok, full disclosure…

I know exactly zero belt makers.

But I know a heck of a lot of people who wear belts.

And we all have the same complaint:

Those holes SUCK.

Meet Bucqle — the belt KILLER!

It’s a super simple accessory that helps your pants fit PERFECTLY.

Not “decent”, not “pretty good”…


P.S. Experience YOUR ideal fit with their 30% off early bird deal!



2. OROS – Out of This World Outerwear Inspired By NASA



Mmmmmm, chocolate.

Both a delicious treat and AMAZING example of the power of aerogel.

What’s aerogel?

Oh nothing special…

It’s just what NASA uses to protect their freakin’ SPACE SHUTTLES!

And now it’s in your clothes.

OROS Apparel is the warmest outerwear in the UNIVERSE.


Their stylish parkas, jackets, and pullovers harness the full power of aerogel thanks to their unique SOLARCORE fabric.

Keeping you wonderfully warm for your adventures on Earth AND beyond.

P.S. Back NOW to unlock FREE U.S. shipping!


1. MiniSwitch – The 2-in-1 Pen That Belongs on Your Keychain


Best Kickstarter Projects 2020


I created a new invention…

It’s called the Pen Cap.

It’s a hat with a pen attached to it so you’ll ALWAYS have one handy.


It can be yours for just 3 easy payments of $499!

Or you could just get the MiniSwitch Pen.

A FAR better invention at a fraction of the price.

Simply slide it onto your keychain for 24/7 access to a pen.

No bulk, and no B.S.

Just a damn good pen ready whenever YOU need it.



March 17th – March 21st


4. A-Zero – Reusable Bags Made From Veggie Starch


Best Kickstarter Projects 2020


Want a GUARANTEED dirty look at the grocery store?

Walk out of there with 15 single-use plastic bags.

(It’s like slapping Mother Nature in the face!)

Go green TODAY with A-Zero Bags.

They’re ultra-convenient REUSABLE bags made from veggie starch.

So they’re 100% compostable and fully biodegradable.

Which means less plastic in our oceans…

And a better, CLEANER world for our grandkids to explore.

P.S. Go with their “FinalStraw Level Early Bird Special.”

(You’ll receive a FREE FinalStraw collapsible straw — a $25 value!)


3. Galio Ultra-Fast Charger


Best Kickstarter Projects 2020


Have you ever touched one of those knockoff chargers from Amazon?

They’re hotter than a thousand splitting suns!

Don’t subject your $1,000 devices to a $7 charger.

Get Galio.

It’s a supremely powerful charger with BUILT-IN overheating protection.

And that’s not all…

Charge 3 devices AT ONCE up to 5X faster.

Yup, it pretty much puts cheap, crappy chargers in a permanent body bag.


2. EyeRide HUD – Make Any Helmet Smart


Best Kickstarter Projects 2020


I don’t care if you ride a Honda, a Harley, or a broomstick with wheels…

If your whip has two wheels, you NEED this device.

Make ANY helmet smart with EyeRide HUD.

A revolutionary gadget that offers head-up display, hands-free GPS, and effortless voice command.

No more glancing down at your phone.

Keep your head up and eyes on the road thanks to this jaw-dropping tech.

It’s an absolute NO-BRAINER for motorcyclists that will help keep you safe.

(Plus it’s totally bada**.)

P.S. Enjoy a 2-year warranty and quick shipping by summer!



1. The Switchback Shirt


Best Kickstarter Projects 2020



It’s back.

And not a moment too soon.

(I was mistaken for an iceberg the other day my skin is so pale.)

Kick back, relax, and soak up those glorious rays with this:

The Switchback Shirt by Coalatree.

Its amazing heat-shield fabric keeps you a whopping 3 degrees COOLER.

And that’s just one of the 13+ features that make this the ULTIMATE warm-weather shirt.

P.S. Get an EXTRA $30 off with their early bird special!



March 9th – March 16th



2. Travel Cork World Map 3.0



Close your eyes and imagine the BEST trip you’ve ever taken…

(No, not that midnight run to Taco Bell.)

An ACTUAL trip.

One where despite the flight delays, lost bags, and questionable sushi you ate, you had the time of your LIFE.

Relive those epic memories with the Travel Cork World Map 3.0.

It’s an ultra-premium wall map crafted with insanely intricate details that showcase this big, beautiful world of ours in a ONE OF A KIND way.

You already know this stunning decor belongs in YOUR home.

The only question is:

Which wall should it go on?

P.S. Big trips deserve a BIG map — go with their highly popular XL size!



1. Dullo Plus Pillow – An Interchangeable Cooling Pillow For Ultra-Deep Sleep



Trivia Time:

How much sleep do you get per night?

A. 7 hours

B. 8 hours

C. 9 hours

D. 20-30 minutes (if you’re lucky)

No matter how many hours (or minutes) you get, make the most of them with the Dullo Plus Pillow.

It’s the world’s first interchangeable pillow that keeps you COOL and comfortable all night long.

Simply slide the INCLUDED cooling pad into the base of the pillow and you’ll be well on your way to a blissful, deep sleep.




March 1st – March 8th


4. Kolude Keyhub – Supercharge Your Tech’s Performance


“Pshhhhh, my laptop already has a keyboard.”


But not like this.

The Kolude Keyhub is like strapping a jet engine to a golf cart.

You’ll SUPERCHARGE your tech’s performance far beyond its standard functions.

(And look ridiculously cool doing it.)

Enjoy a whopping 9 BUILT-IN ports that let you connect more devices at once than EVER before.

This brilliant device combines style and function into ONE super slim keyboard!



3. Hurdle Hanger – Easily Organize Your Closet In Seconds



How organized is YOUR closet?

**Instantly bursts into tears**

You’re not the problem.

Your hangers are.

Those outdated SOB’s were designed back in 1869.

UPGRADE to the modern solution — Hurdle Hanger.

Its unique boomerang shape hangs ALL clothes easily.

Pants, shirts, belts, blouses all slide right on WITHOUT stretching out the collar.

And the slip-resistant strips keep clothes exactly where they should be.

P.S. At just 20 bucks for a 10-pack, they’re an easy and AFFORDABLE way to keep your closet tidy.



2. MOFT Z – The **Invisible** Standing Desk


I have a disease.

It’s called, “Sitting On My Fat Butt All Day While I Work Syndrome.”

Side effects include sluggishness, lethargy, and never getting a raise from my boss.

(That’s what I blame it on, at least.)


It’s the world’s first INVISIBLE standing desk that’s impossibly thin.

So it’s there when you need it, and tucked away when you don’t.

Say GOOD-BYE to expensive, bulky standing desks.

And HELLO to MOFT Z, the only surefire cure to my potentially made up illness.

P.S. Snag their super early bird deal while you still can!


1. Clicbot – A Futuristic Smart Robot With 50+ Uses



Robots would NEVER gang up on us and take over the whole world.

(Help, they’re making me write this.)

But if they looked this cool?

I’d be all for it.

What can Clicbot do?


Dance, roll, climb, smile — this SMART modular robot does it ALL.

It’s highly advanced tech made SIMPLE.

Meaning you can enjoy its 50+ uses right out of the box.

The only question now:

What will YOU make Clicbot do?



February 22nd – February 29th


4. Sharge – A Lightning-Fast Charger With Gallium Nitride

Best Kickstarter Projects 2020


The chargers that come with your devices?


Give them lightning-fast juice instead with SHARGE.

The secret lies in its Gallium Nitride microchip, which charges FAR more efficiently than standard silicon chips.

It’s truly the BEST way to maximize your charging performance.

P.S. Their video’s narrator sounds like he grew up on Long Island slinging bagels at his uncle’s bodega!


3. Allbaro Air – Posture-Correcting Support


Best Kickstarter Projects 2020


“My back hurts.”

Words uttered by 97% of adults over the age of 25.


Because your office chair is about as supportive as Dr. Phil after he’s given his 2-week notice.

The solution?

Allbaro Air’s posture-correcting technology.

Its powerful “air cell” design gently guides your body into proper alignment while you’re at work or at the gym.

P.S. Save 30% TODAY with their Kickstarter special!



2. Albicchiere – Smart Wine Preserver


Best Kickstarter Projects 2020


Do you enjoy a nice bottle glass of wine to relax after a long day of work?

Try Albi.

It’s a smart wine preserver that keeps wine fresh for up to 6 months.

So you’ll NEVER have to throw away the bottle after enjoying just one glass.

Its sleek display serves wine at the perfect temperature, too.

Making this the ULTIMATE storage solution for all your favorite wines.

P.S. Save BIG with their early bird deal.



1. FlushBrush – A Self-Cleaning Toilet Brush


Best Kickstarter Projects 2020


My toilet bowl has serious PTSD.

And the toilet brush?

It’s dirtier than an olive lover’s martini.

Clean things up with FlushBrush!

It’s easy to use and cleans ITSELF with every flush.

There’s no dripping and NO mess.

Just a spotlessly clean toilet each and every time.

P.S. At just $24, it’s a stellar deal!




February 16th – February 21st


5. Woodies – Custom-Fit Jean Jackets


Best Kickstarter Projects 2020


I’m not the most fashion-forward guy in the world.

(Although these bell-bottoms I’m rocking beg to differ.)

So I rely on people who are, “with it,” to tell me when things are back in style.

And right now they’re screaming from the rooftops:


Woodies Denim Jacket is a re-invented classic that blends old school style with NEW SCHOOL appeal.

Each jacket is custom-fit for YOU.

Ensuring a PERFECT FIT that you’ll never want to take off.

P.S. You can completely customize your look — from the fabric, to the style, all the way down to the buttons.



4. The Henry Pocket Knife by WESN


Best Kickstarter Projects 2020


The Swiss have been making pocket knives for centuries…

Looks like they still have a lot to learn.

This bad boy comes outfitted with a Sandvik stainless steel blade from Sweden.

Unlike its Swiss ancestors, the Henry Pocket Knife by WESN doesn’t come with a million bells and whistles.

Instead, it focuses on just one thing:

Being a tool worthy of being passed down from generation to generation.

An ultra-sharp, stainless steel blade, titanium scales, and rustic Cherrywood handle complete a look that’s truly timeless.

P.S. The full titanium version is out of this WORLD sleek.


3. Senja – 100% Waterproof All-Terrain Shoes


Best Kickstarter Projects 2020


I don’t know about you…

But where I live it’s rained for about 75 days in a row.

And because Noah’s Ark is nowhere to be seen, Senja 100% Waterproof Shoes are the ONLY solution.

They’re breathable, stylish, and more waterproof than a duck’s behind.

This 4-season shoe is engineered for COMFORT and designed to tackle any adventure.

(Its SoleCast Merino wool interior feels absolutely incredible, too.)

P.S. JACKPOT — Get 53% off early birds AND free U.S. shipping!



2. TileRec – An Ultra-Slim Voice Recorder That Turns You Into James Bond


Best Kickstarter Projects 2020


Have you ever been accused of being a bad listener?

(Somewhere my ex-girlfriend is nodding her head.)

Good thing TileRec lets you roll back the tape.

It’s a delightfully SIMPLE voice recorder that’s unbelievably slim.

With time-stamped recordings, 145 hours of storage, and voice-activation mode, this tiny device records anything, ANYWHERE.

There’s NO complicated software — just connect your devices and instantly play recordings.

P.S. Their early bird deal has FREE U.S. SHIPPING!


1. AusAir Masks – Protect Yourself from 97% of Airborne Viruses


Best Kickstarter Projects 2020


My roommate just got diagnosed with walking pneumonia…

Needless to say, I just bought 50 of these things.

AusAir Virus-Blocking Masks help you stay healthy in an increasingly toxic world.

Their CUTTING-EDGE filters block over 97% of airborne viruses and pollution.

A refreshingly modern design fits your face like a DREAM.

So you’ll be fully protected WITHOUT looking like you just got out of the hospital.

The best part?

These filters feature natural botanical scents like calming lavender and soothing eucalyptus.

P.S. Friends and family need protection too — the Family 4-Pack is 50% off!



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February 8th – February 15th


5. Cove – A Beautifully Designed Modern Litter Box


Best Kickstarter Projects 2020


I tested this thing out this morning, and I absolutely LOVE it!


I mean my cat tested it out.

And I’ll tell you one thing, Mr. Catsby is NEVER going back to a regular litter box.

Cove is a beautifully designed modern litter box that makes owning a cat FAR cleaner.

Its integrated scoop, dustpan, and brush make cleanup a breeze.

Most litter boxes are an undeniable eyesore — Cove is an attractive alternative that looks GREAT in any home.

P.S. Last we looked, there were a highly limited number of early birds left!


4. The Level Up – Elevate Your Board Games


Best Kickstarter Projects 2020


I’m not overly competitive.

That’s why I would NEVER throw a game across the room just because I was losing.

I mean that would be some real psycho stuff, am I right guys?

**Laughs nervously**

The Level Up is a board gamer’s DREAM.

It drastically increases your table space by elevating any gameboard.

So you’ll no longer risk spilling Diet Coke on your favorite $60 game.

P.S. Over 9,000 backers are about to TRANSFORM their game night.

Will you?



3. The Misen Carbon Steel Pan


Best Kickstarter Projects 2020


The Misen Carbon Steel Pan:

Sounds like a super hero who saves the world from poorly cooked meals.

It combines the convenience of nonstick with the cooking power of cast iron.

Leaving you with an ALL-IN-ONE master pan that’s incredibly versatile and insanely light.

Fry eggs, sear steak, and pan roast vegetables with ease with its 30% LARGER cooking area.

Unlock your inner chef with this WORLD-CLASS pan!

P.S. It costs less than a freakin’ oil change.



2. LastTissue – A Reusable Organic Handkerchief


Best Kickstarter Projects 2020



I don’t know about you…

But my office sounds like the sick ward at the world’s busiest hospital right now.

It’s not a matter of if I get sick, but when.

Fight back with LastTissue — a WASHABLE tissue pack featuring soothing ORGANIC cotton tissues that are softer than a baby’s bottom.

“But I always throw away my used tissues!”

I know, my friend.

People used to use typewriters, too, but THIS is the future of stuffy nose relief.



1. Glamos – This Futuristic Gadget Creates Virtual Touchscreens


Best Kickstarter Projects 2020


Ok, this is some Star Wars sh*t right here.

Glamos uses the same LiDAR technology found in SELF-DRIVING CARS to create virtual touchscreens.

Meaning you can ditch your clunky TV remote once and for all.

Rapid-rotate sensors capture mid-air motion, bringing your devices to LIFE in all-new interactive ways.

It’s supremely cool tech that you won’t find anywhere, but HERE.

P.S. Go for the Glamos Pro, outfitted with Bluetooth technology.

(For just 20 bucks extra, it’s worth it.)