I have about as much musical talent as a tone-deaf muskrat.

So I never really made it past the recorder stage in middle school.

But for those of you who ARE musically gifted…

(Heck, even if you’re not.)

The Boaz One modular guitar is literally a dream come true.

Here’s everything you need to know about this revolutionary guitar:


Boaz One Guitar – Kickstarter Review



1. More combinations than an all-you-can-eat sushi buffet


Boaz One Guitar Kickstarter


Lay off that Spicy Dragon Roll, Kemo Sabe.

The Boaz One modular guitar offers a whopping 50 different playing styles.

And switching sounds couldn’t be easier.

Simply grab one of three interchangeable modules, slide it into place, and 10 seconds later, you’ll have a completely NEW instrument.

It’s literally like having 50 guitars in one.




2. Choose from three unique body shapes to suit your mood


Boaz One Guitar Kickstarter


I wish I could do that.

Just be able to change my shape whenever I want…

“Ah, yes, today I’ll only be 15 pounds overweight instead of my usual 40!”

Alas, that flexibility is only available with the Boaz One guitar.


Here are your options:

  1. Sleek Wing Body – A minimalist design that won’t get in your way.
  2. Full-Body Classic – The traditional look of a top-notch guitar.
  3. Outdoor Mode – A highly useful option with a built-in wireless speaker and amplifier.


That last one makes performing ABSURDLY easy. 




3. The Boaz One Guitar has more adjustability than a Tempur-Pedic mattress


Boaz One Guitar Kickstarter


And that’s saying something.

(Those things cost like three grand!)

The Boaz One has a fully-customizable modular bridge that lets you fine tune and adjust EACH string.

So you’ll have the PERFECT sound no matter what song you’re playing.

Wanna keep things simple?

Just use the standard bridge.

It produces ideal sound for the vast majority of songs.


Boaz One Guitar Kickstarter




4. It’s absurdly fun to use whether you’re a total newbie or the next Jimi Hendrix


Boaz One Guitar Kickstarter


I don’t care if you’ve been playing for years or have never picked up a guitar.


(Sorry for yelling, but it’s true.)

Since it’s fully-customizable, this guitar is designed to be delightfully simple for beginners or amazingly advanced for experts.

That’s flexibility you just don’t see with regular guitars.




5. The Boaz One is a better deal than the value menu at McDonald’s


Boaz One Guitar Kickstarter


Ok, maybe not THAT good of a deal.

(God, I want a McFlurry right now.)

But when it comes to top-notch guitars, you simply won’t find a better value.

Most high-end guitars cost THOUSANDS.

But the Boaz One?

You can get this bad boy for just $299.

Nope, that’s not a typo.

But don’t wait around.

Boaz One early bird deals are flyin’ off the shelves.



Boaz One Guitar Kickstarter


P.S. BRB, going to get that McFlurry.



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