Let’s say you’re out walking Fido in the park, right?

Everything’s going great.

Nice day, sun’s shining.

But suddenly Fido’s gotta go #2.

“No problem,” you think as you turn around to let him do his business in peace.

After a minute you turn back around, and Fido’s at your feet practically begging for a kiss.

You LOVE dog kisses so you bend down and let him get a good lick in.

After he’s licked every ounce of salt from your face, you grab your poop bag and go to pick up his business.

Only you can’t find anything.

You search high and low for a good 5 minutes, looking right where he went.

But there’s nothing there.

Then, like a tidal wave, it hits you.

“My God!” you shout while exchanging a horrified look with Fido.

“Did you really just…”

“How could…”

“Why in the world would you…”


Fido sits there with his tongue out.

Practically smiling at you.

He knows not of his sins.

But you do.

And that’s why you need to get him Bristly.

The world’s best toothbrush for dogs.


Bristly Dog Toothbrush Kickstarter


Bristly Dog Toothbrush Kickstarter

Bristly Kickstarter


Wait a sec, aren’t dog mouths clean?


You’ve probably heard people say that a dog’s mouth is cleaner than a human’s.

But those people are what we like to call wrong.

While it’s not exactly like licking a toilet seat, a dog’s mouth is far from the cleanest thing in the world.

That’s why their teeth need a good brushin’ every once in a while.

But here’s the problem.

Actually brushing your dog’s teeth is pretty dang tough.

Because a lot of dogs hate getting their teeth cleaned.

And can you really blame them?


Bristly cleaning GIF


How Bristly’s different


Bristly offers a wonderfully fresh take on canine oral care, letting Fido clean his teeth himself.

It tricks dogs into thinking they’re just playing with their favorite toy, rather than slaving away polishing those pearly whites.

Bristly’s brilliant design is highly durable, extremely safe, and by the looks of things, super fun for dogs.

With toothpaste inserted deeply within Birstly’s central reservoir, dogs are occupied for hours while simultaneously cleaning their teeth.

What flavor’s the toothpaste?

You guessed it:


My favorite.


Bristly Dog Toothbrush Kickstarter

Bristly Dog Toothbrush Kickstarter


Bristly Dog Toothbrush Kickstarter

Bristly Dog Toothbrush Kickstarter


Where can I buy Bristly?


Bristly is absolutely crushing it on Kickstarter.

It’s poised to make thousands of dogs, and their owners, very happy.

And a whole lot healthier, too.

They still have a few early-bird deals left, but they won’t be around for long.

So hook Fido up with this amazing toothbrush / toy hybrid.

And enjoy all the dog kisses you want.