64% of Americans judge themselves to be, “Excellent” or “Very good” drivers. And if you consider eating chicken nuggets with your earphones in while driving with your knees, “very good,” then that’s an accurate assessment.

If not, and your commute is shared with dozens of distracted morons, you should probably check out CarWink.

CarWink Kickstarter

How does CarWink work?

We all know and love the classic middle finger salute, but CarWink offers a more subtle way to communicate with drivers around you. Let’s say you roll up to a crosswalk and a pedestrian’s about to cross. You tell them to go ahead, but the over-eager nimrod in the Ford F150 behind you doesn’t seem to care.

Judging by his honking, you determine that he must not have seen the pedestrian. With CarWink, your voice command will trigger a “PED XING” message to his car, and ideally he’ll lay off the horn ASAP.

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What messages does CarWink display?

This solar powered device comes with dozens of emojis and pre-loaded messages, so you’ll have plenty of options the next time somebody decides to do a close inspection of your back bumper.

Tailgaters aside, CarWink is a great way to share positive messages too. So the next time somebody’s nice enough to let you merge into traffic, go ahead and flash them a thumbs up emoji. And, if they find the time to put down their chicken nugget, you may even get a wave back.

CarWink Emoji Options

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