“We forgot the ice.”

Possibly the four most disheartening words in the English language.

A ruiner of camping trips and date nights alike.

Good thing Chiller’s Pack keeps drinks cold for 24 hours without ice.

But how on Earth does it work?

You’re about to find out.


Chill.System Kickstarter

Chill.System Kickstarter

How does Chiller’s Pack keep drinks cold without ice?


The short answer to that question is, “I have no freakin’ idea.”

I think it’s some kind of gel?

Look I got a 1 on my AP Chem exam, OK.

(Sorry Mr. Karns)

All I know is this keeps beer cans, wine bottles, and 5th’s of liquor ice-cold for hours on end.

Chiller’s Pack is a turbocharged, super-cooling hybrid backpack that truly packs a punch.

It combines the versatility of a top-notch daypack with the performance of a world-class cooler.

Making it the most noteworthy backpack evolution since the CamelBak

Which I haven’t cleaned since April 2014, by the way.


Chill.System Kickstarter

Chill.System Kickstarter

Chill.System Kickstarter

What’s “The Chiller?”


So Chill.Systems’ campaign actually has two different reward options:

  1. “The Chiller” is that small black box that holds your drinks. You can carry it in other backpacks, or just use it by itself to cool pretty much any kind of drink.
  2. “Chiller’s Pack” is the combo. For one price, you get your choice of the backpack or tote bag + “The Chiller.”

In my mind, just getting The Chiller is kind of like going out for ice cream and only getting one scoop.

If you’re like me, then you get some serious FOMO when you see your girlfriend’s 6-scoop tower when you’re slowly licking your baby cone.

Oh who am I kidding I don’t have a girlfriend.

Seriously though if you want our advice, go for the bag + Chiller combo.

You won’t regret going big on this one.


Chill.System Kickstarter

Chill.System Kickstarter

Where can I get Chiller’s Pack?


Make no mistake, this is a brilliantly designed backpack that has tons of practical uses.

And it’s posed to absolutely crush it on Kickstarter.

Check out Chill.Systems campaign page ASAP if you want a shot at their early bird deals.