Sleeping bag? Check.

Bug spray? Check.

3rd pair of underwear in case the unthinkable happens? Check.

This absurdly functional 5-in-1 multi-tool fit for Paul Bunyan?

Oh, that’s definitely a check.


COMBAR Super tool Kickstarter

COMBAR Super tool Kickstarter

COMBAR Super tool Kickstarter


You sure can’t get this at Sears


Forget the average outdoorman, the COMBAR super tool belongs on Batman’s tool belt.

It’s an unbelievably well-designed super-tool that’s surprisingly light, yet ridiculously durable — all backed by a lifetime guarantee.

As part ax, hammer, saw, knife, and spade — it’s brilliant five-pronged approach that’ll leave you the king of your next camping trip.

Can you image unwrapping this puppy on Father’s Day?

I can hear the giddy screams of joy from here.


Lewis & Clark sure could’ve used it


They say COMBAR’s like a better Swiss Army Knife.

But that’s like calling The Rock a, “pretty big guy” — in other words, it’s the understatement of the century.

This puts other multi-tools to shame with its rare combination of functionality, durability, and utility.

It’s the universal answer to the age old question, “what’s the one thing you’d take with you on a desert island?”



COMBAR Super tool Kickstarter


Uh-oh, is COMBAR pricey?


After you stop drooling at all that epic outdoor footage, you may find yourself thinking, “Man, that’d be nice to have, but it sure looks like it’d be expensive.”

Well you’re gosh darn right COMBAR ain’t cheap.

For the same reason an Audi costs more than a Kia — as with everything in life, you get what you pay for.

You don’t make the best outdoor tool known to man and then give it away for peanuts.

This is a rugged beast built to last more than a lifetime.

You’ll be handing it down for generations.

Your great, great, great grandson is gonna use it to set up camp after he gets out of his flying car.

Believe that.



If you love the outdoors, you already know you wanna get this.

So the question is, why haven’t you yet?