I don’t care where you got them.

How much they cost.

Or how “stylish” you think they may be.

I want you to take your current favorite pair of pants…

And toss them in the trash.

Cause you don’t need ’em anymore.

There’s a new sheriff in town.

Its name?

The Evolution Pant.


The Evolution Pant Kickstarter


Wait a sec, aren’t these just average pants?


You may be saying to yourself, “Well, those look like an ordinary pair of pants to me.”

Oh do they now?

Was Picasso just another painter?

Was Woodstock “pretty cool?”

Is Little Caesars simply “average” pizza?

(No, it’s below average.)

You get the point.

These may look like run-of-the-mill pants.

But they’re not.

The Evolution Pants are, if nothing else, completely revolutionary.


The Evolution Pant Kickstarter


What makes ’em different?


Where to begin, where to begin.

For starters, they’re just about everything-proof.

The Evolution Pants are:

-Water resistant
-And half the weight of jeans

Catch ya later, denim.


The Evolution Pant Kickstarter


When can I wear these puppies?


You can literally wear The Evolution Pant anywhere.


A wedding.

Eh, maybe not a wedding.

They’re the ultimate blend of style and function — a much needed hybrid pant that’s perfect for travelers.

You can wash them in a sink, and they dry in minutes.

If you’re hitting the road, these need to be in your backpack.



The Evolution Pant Kickstarter GIF



That would hurt.

Where to buy The Evolution Pants?


You can get these versatile pants on Kickstarter.

But don’t wait around too long, early bird deals are selling out fast.