Is Genius Pack Supercharged one of the greatest suitcases ever made?

Well that’s a difficult question with many viable answers.



1. Genius Pack Supercharged Has A Supremely Secure Smart Lock


Genius Pack Supercharged Review


As my dad always says…

Trust, but verify.

So trust that your fellow travelers won’t open your suitcase and steal your sh*t.

But verify that they won’t have the chance by utilizing the incredibly clutch zipper-lock on the Genius Pack Supercharged.


2. Their Obscenely Long-Lasting Power Bank is TSA & Airline Approved


Genius Pack Supercharged Review



That’s actually a myth, friends.

You can take most power banks on airplanes, including this one.

Its 10,000mAh Power Pack contains enough juice to recharge your phone a whopping four times on a single charge .

AND it’s fully removable to help you meet those airline standards.



3. The Highly-Durable Shell is 100% Polycarbonate


Genius Pack Supercharged Review


Unless my three years of high school Latin fails me, polycarbonate literally means, “Many carbons.”

Ok, I just completely made that up.

I actually took Spanish in high school…

And I kinda sucked at THAT to be honest with you.

But what really matters is that this suitcase is built to be exceptionally tough.

Its reinforced, impact resistant corners are designed to withstand the beating baggage handlers will put it through in their futile attempts to destroy it.

And trust me, they will try.



4. Genius Pack Supercharged is Lighter Than A Balloon Full of Feathers


Genius Pack Supercharged Review



Alright, I don’t really know how much a balloon full of feathers weighs.

But if it’s over 6.8 lbs, then that statement would be correct!

NOBODY wants to haul around a needlessly heavy bag, so the team behind Genius Pack Supercharged focused on a lightweight design that won’t weigh you down.



5. Finally, Contain Your Dirty Underwear!


Genius Pack Supercharged Review


I start every trip the same.

My suitcase is filled with neatly organized, nicely folded items that are easy to find.

Then all hell breaks loose about 12 hours in.

There’s dirty underwear mixed in with my work shirts.

Used socks draped all over my slacks.

And don’t even get me started about finding something without wrinkles…

Needless to say, it’s a nightmare.

But that’s because my current suitcase only has two compartments!


Genius Pack Supercharged has six built-in compartments that make staying organized absurdly easy.

It even has a secret separated section just for your dirty clothes.

Which is, in a word, dope.


6. Does Genius Pack Supercharged Cost An Arm And A Leg?



Look, if you can find someone to sell you an arm and a leg for a super early bird price of just $199, you should take them up on it because that’s a hell of a deal!

(Then promptly alert the authorities.)

But as I always say, you get what you pay for.

There are cheaper suitcases out there, yes.

But you won’t find another travel bag with these high-tech features, top-notch design, and brilliantly organized compartments.

Genius Pack Supercharged is truly in a class of its own.


Genius Pack Supercharged Review


P.S. If anyone actually knows what polycarbonate means in Latin, hit me up.



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