Rubik’s Cubes, Walkmans, and long-distance calling?

The 80s ARE BACK, baby!

Well, kinda.

GoCube is like a Rubik’s Cube on steroids — outfitted with epic techy twists that bring this classic game into the 21st century.

So what exactly makes this revamped throwback so special?

You’re about to find out.


GoCube Kickstarter



What if I stink at Rubik’s Cubes?


Full disclosure, I’ve never actually solved a Rubik’s Cube.

OK, super full disclosure…

I’ve never even gotten close.

But that’s the beauty of GoCube, it teaches beginners how to play while challenging even the most experienced cubers at the same time.

Players compete head to head against people from every corner of the globe.

And that real-time competition sets this apart from literally everything else out there.

So if you’re on the fence about whether you should get this or not, relax.

If you suck at Rubik’s Cubes, this’ll make you better.

And if you’re already an expert?

Well then this is the modern revamp you’ve been waiting for.


GoCube Kickstarter


What makes GoCube different?


GoCube automatically tracks your scores, and ranks you on global leaderboards via a beautifully designed app.

Tracking your progress literally couldn’t be easier.

So when that nimwhit Steve gets a promotion instead of you, tell him:

“OH YEAH?! I’m ranked 5th in the Northeast on GoCube’s leaderboard, what’ve you done with your life?!”

That’ll show that smug SOB.


GoCube Kickstarter


GoCube Kickstarter

Will this break the bank?


GoCube opens up a whole world of play with mini-games, side missions, and 3rd party games.

And at an early-bird price of just $59, it’s pretty much as much fun as your fingers can handle.

This 80s throwback may not bring back those old Converses that you loved so much, but GoCube is definitely an old school project we can get behind.

So if you loved Rubik’s Cubes as a kid or simply want to challenge yourself with a fun, new game, get GoCube.

And show that jerk Steve who’s boss.