My arm is good at picking up beer cans on Friday nights.

(And the occasional Tuesday afternoon.)

This arm is good at literally everything else.

Hexbot is a completely revolutionary robotic arm that will change absolutely everything for artists, creators, and even the Average Joe.

Here’s how.


Hexbot Robot Arm Kickstarter


Hexbot Is A 7-in-1 Technological Masterpiece


Hexbot is the first monster Kickstarter tech project of 2019.

It features out-of-this-world technology that 2018 simply couldn’t handle.

Its incredibly precise robotic arm puts pixels onto paper.

Turning digital ideas into physical realities.

Hexbot expertly draws, engraves, or 3D prints any digital design in minutes.

It’s a true game-changer for creators of all kinds, and allows absolutely ANYONE to become an expert artist.


Hexbot Robot Arm Kickstarter


What Can Hexbot’s Robo-Arm Do?


The better question is what can’t it do.

(It can’t curl 15 pound dumbbells like yours truly, I’ll tell you that much.)

Easily swappable modules mean you can go from drawing a colorful zebra to 3D printing a rocket ship in a matter of seconds.

And then it will engrave both on the back of your phone case just for good measure.

From wood, to leather, to the densest metals, Hexbot’s powerful laser can engrave any image on anything.

It’s an incredibly versatile high-tech toy that adults of all ages will undoubtably love.


Hexbot Robotic Arm Kickstarter

Hexbot Robotic Arm Kickstarter

Hexbot Robotic Arm Kickstarter

So, How Much Does This Awesome Thing Cost On Kickstarter?


Would you believe that Hexbot only costs $49?

Well you shouldn’t because I just completely made that up.

You think something this cool would cost so little?!

Hexbot isn’t exactly cheap.

But then again neither is a Porsche.

There are a few different kits available, with the lowest going for about $350.


Our Advice?


With this kind of stuff it’s better to go big or go home.

If you’re going to spend a couple hundred bucks already, you should go all out on the “Pro” or “Luxury” kits to unlock the full array of features.

We severely doubt you’ll regret it.

Now where did I put that beer…



Hexbot Robotic Arm Kickstarter


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