A weighted blanket that cools you, eh?

What’s next, an oven that freezes things?!

Zero-calorie ice cream?

A girl that doesn’t break my heart?

But unlike those imaginary things, the Hush Iced weighted blanket is wonderfully real.

And downright awesome.

Here’s what you need to know.


5 Amazing Facts About The Hush Iced Blanket


1. Sleeping is hard, this helps


Hush Iced Cooling Weighted Blanket Kickstarter


Apparently 1 in 3 North Americans suffer from insomnia or anxiety.

(Can you blame us?!)

A 24-hour news cycle and social media-induced FOMO is rotting our brains.

And making it hard as hell to go to sleep at night.

But the Hush Iced uses deep touch pressure stimulation to gently relax you into an easy, blissful deep sleep.



2. The Hush Iced blanket features a unique blend of bamboo and cotton


Hush Iced Cooling Weighted Blanket Kickstarter


Bamboo is pretty freakin’ bad**.

It’s ridiculously versatile and insanely renewable.

Add in some premium cotton and you have yourself a tremendously soft weighted blanket that’s truly built to last.


3. So how does the Hush Iced Blanket actually “cool” you?


Hush Iced Cooling Weighted Blanket Kickstarter


Like a good bean dip, this blanket has multiple layers.

Two to be exact.

The outer layer is made from a unique bamboo/cotton blend.

But the inner-layer is what truly gives this blanket its “cool-to-the-touch” feeling.

Its microfiber finish is outrageously soft, and glass sand filling adds crucial, comforting weight to help you fall asleep faster under its moisture-wicking material.

You can even remove the outer layer during the warmer summer months ahead.

Try doing that with the blanket you just got at Target.


4. You can try it for 100 nights, risk-free

Hush Iced Cooling Weighted Blanket Kickstarter


I’ll let you guys in on a little secret.

Ok, it’s not really a secret.

You know how those cheesy infomercials always say, “try it for 30 days, and if you don’t love it… IT’S YOUR MONEY BACK!”

Well they do that because they know two things:

  1. Shipping something back is a pain in the a**.
  2. You’re probably going to forget to send it back in time even if you wanted to.

But something tells me these guys are offering a 100-night guarantee because they actually think you’ll love the product.

They know you won’t want to send it back.



5. Is the Hush Iced cooling weighted blanket expensive?


Hush Iced Cooling Weighted Blanket Kickstarter


Well that depends who’s asking.

If your name is Bill Gates, then heck no!

If you’re a regular guy or gal, then that’s a bit tougher question to answer.

At a Kickstarter special price of $148, the Hush Iced Weighted blanket is a little more expensive than the average weighted blanket.

But it’s also better.

Trying to stay cool under other weighted blankets is like trying to drive to the lane against LeBron James — it’s not gonna end well.

So if you’re looking for a weighted blanket that’ll actually keep you cool in the summer months ahead, snag Hush Iced on Kickstarter before their campaign ends on April 12th.




Hush Iced Cooling Weighted Blanket Kickstarter




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