The best board games that Kickstarter has to offer in 2018.

Updated each and every month.

Because, you know, out-of-date stuff kinda sucks.


September 2018

3. Power Rangers – Heroes of the Grid Board Game



When I was a kid, some moron stole my Game Boy from my backpack.

And with it, my favorite Power Rangers game.

Fingers crossed that karma prevents that 1996 thief from seeing this awesome Power Rangers board game 22 years later.


2. Starcadia Quest



Your mission’s name?

Rescue the Robot.

Your task?

Uh, well, to rescue the robot.



1. Unstable Unicorns – Control & Chaos (The Backercorn Project)



Ever wanted to see yourself made into a character in a wildly popular board game?


Oh… well here’s your chance anyway!

Unstable Unicorns is turning backers’ likenesses into cards used in actual game play.

Which is pretty sweet if you ask us.

So if you want to see that ugly mug of yours in a board game, back Unstable Unicorns before it ends on September 14th.



August 2018

3. Call to Adventure – Featuring Name of the Wild



A multi-path strategy game where you get to choose how your character develops.

Every path presents 2 choices:

Strength or wisdom.

If you’re like me in real life, you’ll end up with neither!



2. Escape Plan – By Vital Lacerda with Artwork by Ian O’Toole



An incredibly popular strategy game about bank robbers and such.


1. Trogdor – The Board Game



Words cannot express how much I love their video.

It probably cost $20 to make and took about an hour.

But dammit is it hilarious.

15,000+ backers agree, you do not want to miss this game.



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July 2018

3. The Island of El Dorado – Reprint & Expansion


2. The Binding of Isaac – Four Souls



1. Tang Garden


June 2018

3. Black Rose Wars 



We could take 30 minutes to explain everything you need to know about this wildly popular game…

But we know you’d rather just watch this video that tells you how to play.



2. Empyreal Spells & Steam – A Fantasy Rail-Building Game



Emptyreal Kickstarter

This is like cross between Ticket to Ride and Settlers of Catan — two of our all time favorite games.



1. Hellboy – The Board Game



May 2018

3. Daring Contest – Make it weird. Then make it weirder.


Daring Contest Kickstarter


Daring Contest is a party game that you probably wouldn’t want to play with just any old group of people.

You’re gonna have the most fun playing with your best friends.

As the name suggestions, you draw cards with creative dares on them, and a judge decides if your ensuing performance deserves points.

These aren’t any old dares, they’re WEIRD.

For example: Pretending to sit in an invisible chair while milking a cow.



2. Street Fighter: The Miniature Game



Following the trend of bringing old school arcade games back in board game form, Street Fighter is kinda like a combination of Mortal Kombat and Risk.



1. Fireball Island: 80’s Board Game, Reignited and Restored



Fireball Island is so big that we wrote a full-blown feature on it.

It was a best seller in the 80’s.

And this version claims to be bigger, better and “100% more awesome.”

Basically you and up to 4 friends race around the island trying to avoid a mean SOB by the name of Vul-Kar who can shoot fireballs out of his pie hole.


April 2018

5. Deadwood 1876: A Safe-Robbing Game of Teamwork & Betrayal



A game of teamwork & betrayal, eh? Sounds like my first marriage.

But that doesn’t mean this gold-stealing card game doesn’t look like a blast.

Also screw you, Betsy.



4. Elder Dice: Unspeakable Tomes – Cthulhu Mythos Themed Dice



Elder Dice are perfect for any fantasy or horror roleplaying game. They designed three all-new dice sets that come in three spooky colors.

I’m not trembling, you’re trembling!



3. Iron Harvest: by KING Art Games


Ever wonder what it would’ve been like if futuristic machines of mass destruction existed in the 1920s?

Yeah, me neither.

But luckily for us, the team behind Iron Harvest did. Iron Harvest puts a much bigger emphasis on strategy than other RTS games. So you can do more thinkin’ and less clickin’.



2. Dinosaur Island: Back from Extinction



We have but one thing to say about Dinosaur Island

Their video is hilarious.

P.S. The team behind Dinosaur Island was nominated for four Golden Geek awards, whatever those are.



1. Batman™: Gotham City Chronicles


In Gotham City Chronicles, you choose to be a hero or a villain while trying to maintain control of the city.

We doubt you’ll ever get bored either, cause this thing comes with more pieces than a Jigsaw puzzle.



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