There are 3,833 live projects on Kickstarter.

Six of them have raised over $1 million.

And they all have the same thing in common…

They’re all watches!

Just kidding.

The real thing they all have in common?

They were launched by creators who’ve already run multiple Kickstarter campaigns.

So if you’re a crowdfunding newbie looking to make the big bucks, you’re out of luck.

Well, you would be if you stopped reading here.


I wanna be a Kickstarter millionaire, so freakin’ bad


Filippo Loretti Kickstarter


Take it easy Bruno Mars.

It seems everybody who launches a Kickstarter campaign these days thinks it’s going to raise $1 million.

Well we need to tell you something.

And you might wanna sit down for this.

It probably won’t.

Raising $1 million on Kickstarter is 25% your product, 25% your messaging, and 50% luck.

Scratch that.

It’s probably more like 90% luck.

So if you need to raise over $1 million with your very first campaign just to break even, you need to get very used to the idea that you’ll probably fail.

But should that stop you from trying?

Hell no!

Haven’t we met before?


TreePod Kickstarter


Kickstarter’s full of serial entrepreneurs.

There’s a game company called CMON that’s literally run 30 DIFFERENT campaigns.


And each one of them attracted thousands of backers.

What’s their secret?

They keep it simple.

Their projects only have two or three rewards.

And their campaign pages rely heavily on images, not text.


Kickstarter’s weird, you should be too


Anvanda Bag Kickstarter


Kickstarter is one of the most unique platforms ever created.

Creators have access to a HUGE base of potential customers for FREE.

It’s completely free to launch your own project.

And you only owe 5% of your pledges to Kickstarter.

Honestly they should be charging 25%, but Kickstarter doesn’t really care about making money.

But because the barrier to entry is so low, backers sometimes have to wade through a pile of mediocre crap in order to find the coolest projects.

So how do you stand out?

Be like the Använda f*cking bag.

Offended by their language?

Don’t be.

They raised $1.1 million with the word f*ck uttered less than two seconds into their campaign video.


Their campaign page is hilarious.

The product itself was admittedly pretty average, definitely nothing the Kickstarter community hadn’t seen before, but their messaging was so unique that people took notice.


Why do Kickstarter creators keep coming back?


Trailhead Shorts Kickstarter


You remember that horrible high school breakup you thought you’d never get over?

Well look at you now!

Oh, you’re still desperately alone?

Hmmm, well, at least you learned something from it.

The same theory applies to creating multiple Kickstarter projects.

A lot of these creators who’ve run multiple six or seven figure campaigns failed their first go around.

But with Kickstarter projects (and relationships), you learn a lot from your mistakes and do things differently the next time.

Campaigns that fail initially have a few things in common:

  1. The product itself stinks.
  2. The public funding goal is way too high.
  3. Their campaign page is more congested than Costco on a Saturday afternoon.
  4. They have more rewards than there are cornfields in Nebraska.

So despite the possible setbacks, why do these serial creators keep coming back?

Because once you find a successful formula on Kickstarter, you can replicate it over and over and over again.


It’s my first project, can I raise $1 million?


Antonia Saint Kickstarter


Can you raise $1 million if you’re running your first Kickstarter campaign?


Well, yes.

It’s just going to be really, really hard.

Dozens of projects have done it, including the Antonia Saint NY whose “high heels that feel like sneakers” raised $1.8 million in the summer of 2017.

She had a unique product.

And spent a lot of time and money advertising.

But perhaps most importantly, she got lucky.

So can you.

But consider your first project a real-world learning experience.

Maybe it’ll work.

Maybe it won’t.

Either way, you’ll be way better positioned for your next project.

So if you’ve been thinking for a while now, “You know, I think I could do this Kickstarter thing.”

We have just one question for you.

What the heck are you waiting for?