It’s 3 AM, do you know where your kids are?
Yes. They are jumping on your bed trying to wake you up.

It’s one of the unspoken laws of the universe that parents don’t get enough sleep. That’s the way it’s always been. That’s the way it always will be.

Or so we thought.

Mella is an alarm clock that’s designed to keep your kids in bed longer by training them with a series of progressively changing lights. The clock’s glow changes to yellow when there’s 30 minutes of sleep time left, then shifts to green when it’s time to wake up.

So if little Johnnie wanders into your room in the middle of the night, just ask him what color his Mella is. If it’s not green, he’d better high-tail it back into bed – or ELSE!

Mella won’t get rid of the monsters underneath your kid’s bed – you’ll still have to do that. But it may just give you an extra few minutes of shut eye. And THAT is something every parent needs.

Learn more about Mella here.