Get a dog, they said.
It’ll be cute, they said.
It won’t be that much work, they said.
It won’t poop in the house, they said.

Well, “they” lied.

3 months, 4 accidents, and 2 destroyed carpets later, I’m finally get used to having a furry friend at home. He’s cute, don’t get me wrong, but man is having a dog a lot of work. But I think – I hope, Laïka is the answer to my prayers.

We all feel bad leaving our dogs alone while we’re at work all day, but with this little robot, your dog won’t even know you’re gone. It rolls around for hours and spits out treats on your command. An integrated HD camera even lets you keep tabs on your pet, so you’ll know the exact moment when he pees on your house plants.

Laïka isn’t the cheapest thing in the world, but hey, if it keeps your dog happy, it’s well worth the investment. So while we wait on someone to invent a pooper-scooper robot that follows dogs around on walks, Laïka’s an excellent way to tide us over.

Check out Laïka’s campaign here.