Here’s a question for ya…

How clean is YOUR home’s air?

(Mine falls somewhere between a poorly maintained petting zoo and an airplane restroom.)

Which brings me to Mila — the smartest air purifier ever made.

Here are 5 vital things YOU need to know:



Mila Smart Air Purifier — Kickstarter Review



Mila Air Purifier Review Kickstarter


1. Get ALL the purifying power with none of the price



Mila Air Purifier Review Kickstarter



Well, some of the price.

(This bad boy ain’t free, after all.)

I think Mila’s Kickstarter campaign page says it best:

“Other air purifiers are priced like Ferraris and perform like golf carts.”

Mila offers TWICE the performance for HALF the price of traditional air purifiers.

Now you may be asking yourself, “What the heck does CADR mean?”

It stands for Clean Air Delivery Rate and measures the volume of clean air produced per minute.

With a stellar rating of 411 CADR m3/hr, Mila is essentially the Mariah Carey of air purifiers.

Wait, that’s an exceptionally outdated comparison.

Mila is essentially the Billie Eilish of air purifiers.

Yeah, that’s better.



2. Mila knows when to shut the heck up (unlike Steve from high school)


Mila Air Purifier Review Kickstarter


We all knew that one kid in high school who just wouldn’t shut up…

He was the 4th string linebacker on the football team, and possessed the tackling ability of a one-armed flamingo.

Still, he thought he was, “the sh*t.”

Mila is not for him.

Because unlike Steve, the Mila Air Purifier knows when you’re in the room and automatically quiets down.

So it saves its most powerful purifying for when you’re NOT home.

Which lets you come home to wonderfully fresh air each and every day.


Mila Air Purifier Review Kickstarter




3. Instantly see proof that Mila is actually cleaning your air

Mila Air Purifier Review Kickstarter


“It’s working, trust us.” -most air purifiers

Sorry, buddy, but I need PROOF.

(The air purifying conglomerate is a nasty, lying bunch full of great people, I’m sure.)

Mila’s incredibly simple app displays your air quality in real time.

Letting you know down to the minute how long it’ll take before you home’s air reaches peak freshness.

Those are results you can trust AND see.




4. Finally, a home appliance that doesn’t look like it’s from a 1989 Sears Catalog


Mila Air Purifier Review Kickstarter


Apparently Sears used to be a big deal back in the day.

Now it’s tied with Kmart as having the BIGGEST parking lots for the fewest number of customers.

(JCPenny comes in a close 3rd.)

But make no mistake:

The Mila Air Purifier is SEXY.

Its minimalist, modern design looks great in ANY home, and its compact size presents less of a tripping hazard than your kid’s Legos.



5. Choose from 6 custom filters to maximize Mila’s performance for YOU


Mila Air Purifier Review Kickstarter



Mila Air Purifier Review Kickstarter


Mila Air Purifier Review Kickstarter


Mila Air Purifier Review Kickstarter


Mila Air Purifier Review Kickstarter


Most air purifiers have just ONE filter that tries to do everything well.

Which is like trying to build a row boat that also flies.

Odds are, it won’t do either well.

The Mila Smart Air Purifier offers a half-dozen custom filters from, “The Basic Breather” all the way to, “The Critter Cuddler,” which tackles odors from our 4-legged friends.

So rest assured, no matter what’s making your home’s air dirty, there’s a Mila filter to clean things up.




You can save a whopping $90 NOW by checking out The Mila Air Purifier on Kickstarter.

P.S. Give ole Steve a call, I’m sure he’d love to hear from you.


Mila Air Purifier Review Kickstarter




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