MOFT is one of the most brilliantly designed products I’ve ever seen.

And I was Head of Design at Apple.

Ok, that’s B.S.

I’ve never, ever worked at Apple.

But I do own a Mac.

And now it has one of these awesome invisible laptop stands attached to the bottom.

Here’s what you need to know.


MOFT Laptop Screen Kickstarter


1. MOFT goes everywhere without getting in the way


Unlike Amazon’s best seller, which is a bulky piece of junk, MOFT is tremendously sleek.

Its revolutionary design folds completely flat when you’re not using it.

So you can always keep it attached to your laptop.


MOFT Laptop Screen Kickstarter

2. It takes 2 seconds to set up


Actually it probably takes closer to one.

Just pop-open the triangular design, and you’re good to go.


MOFT Laptop Screen Kickstarter


3. You can stack up to 18 pounds on this bad boy


I don’t know why you’d place the equivalent of a small toddler on this laptop stand…

But now you know that you could!


MOFT Laptop Screen Kickstarter


4. MOFT is easily removable, and re-attaches in seconds


Let’s say you miss your old flat-typin’ days, you can remove this laptop stand in seconds.

Its durable adhesive will never fall off your computer.

But it won’t leave a residue once it’s removed, either.



MOFT Laptop Screen Kickstarter


5. It automatically corrects your posture


Two adjustable heights optimize your sitting posture to reduce neck and wrist pain.

MOFT’s laptop stand offers the ideal typing height for maximum comfort for extended periods of time.


MOFT Laptop Screen Kickstarter


6. MOFT is absurdly lightweight


It weights less than a pen.

Which is pretty damn amazing for how sturdy it is.


MOFT Laptop Screen Kickstarter


7. It’s super cheap!


At just $19, you will not find a better value.

It’s the same price as Amazon’s best-seller, and a far and away better product.


MOFT Laptop Screen Kickstarter




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