Hotel gyms are a strange, sad place.

The land of terrible workouts — and broken dreams.

Venture into one at 9 PM on a Tuesday night and you’re in for a treat.

There’s the 47 year-old salesman laboring on the elliptical.

A 29 year-old pharma rep looking like she’s about to die on the treadmill.

And a 65 year-old executive curling 10 lbs dumbbells like it’s his freakin’ job.

An entertaining way to spend your evening on the road?


A good place to workout?

Not a chance.

Enter POCKET MONKII, a pint-size gym that packs a punch.



MONKII Pocket Gym KickstarterMONKII Pocket Gym Kickstarter


MONKII in the middle


Who’s that wild man climbing all over that doorway like Spiderman?!

It’s Dan Vinson, one of the founders of this absurdly portable gym.

He’s a former Georgetown lacrosse player with some serious “lettuce” upstairs.

(That means hair.)

He’s a certifiable badass who, when he wasn’t ripping dingers with his “spoon” on the LAX field, served as a backcountry ranger in Yosemite and a forest firefighter in Montana.

As you’ve probably gathered, there aren’t a whole lot of squat racks in Yellowstone, so that got Dan to thinking, “how’s somebody supposed to workout out here?”


MONKII Pocket Gym Kickstarter

MONKII Pocket Gym Kickstarter

MONKII Gym Kickstarter

MONKII’s pocket gym will have you going bananas


Spend any time flipping through channels at 2 AM, and you’ll find no shortage of workout devices promising to help you get ripped quick.

But here’s the deal with those (despite what Chuck Norris tells you)…

They’re absolute garbage.

MONKII’s pocket gym, on the other hand, is not.

It’s a brilliantly designed mobile workout device that fits in the palm of your hand.

It includes TRX-style straps for the ultimate body-weight workout, an ISOCORE ball to obliterate your abs, and a tactical ladder that’ll leave you with faster footwork than Tyreek Hill.



MONKII Gym Kickstarter

MONKII Gym Kickstarter

“But I can’t think of exercises on my own!”


Fear not, friend.

MONKII’s well organized app will give you plenty of workout ideas.

Set-up takes 3 seconds flat, and all you need is a door frame to get started.

So instead of slumming it in that hotel gym, crush your workout in your room instead.

You’ll get a faster, better, and more enjoyable workout — and be able to skip that smelly hotel gym once and for all.