There comes a time in every man’s life…

When he needs to look himself in the mirror, takes a deep breath, and say:

“It’s time to order that sick beanbag thingy from Kickstarter.”


Moon Pod Kickstarter

Moon Pod Kickstarter

Moon Pod Kickstarter


Wait, what’s it called?


Apparently “sick beanbag thingy” didn’t do too well in market tests, so the team behind this zero-gravity beanbag called it Moon Pod instead.

Which is a missed opportunity if you ask us.

But whatever you call it, this lounger’s ridiculously awesome.

Here’s why you NEED a Moon Pod in your house.


Moon Pod Kickstarter Moon Pod Kickstarter

7 reasons to get a Moon Pod


  1. You feel weightless when you’re laying on it. Which comes in handy after you’ve consumed 3,000 calories from that midnight Taco Bell run.
  2. Enjoy Moon Pod as a chair, recliner, or relaxation pod. Ohhh, versatile!
  3. It’s absurdly soft. Duh.
  4. It’s actually pretty lightweight, so you can easily move it from room to room. Because it’s kinda hard to nap when your roommate’s busy getting wrecked in Fortnite all afternoon.
  5. Moon Pod naturally relieves stress. I mean just look at the people laying on it.
  6. They have early-bird deals left. But not for long.
  7. You can tell people that you own something called Moon Pod. Which is pretty badass.


Moon Pod Kickstarter

Haven’t we heard of this guy before?


So who made this thing?

The creator of Moon Pod is a guy named John Fiorentino.

Who sounds more like the owner of a sub-par pizza joint than a supplier of premium bedding products if you ask us.

But hey who are we to judge.

If you’re into crowdfunding, that name may sound familiar.

Last year he created another little project called The Gravity Blanket.

Which did alright.

If you consider $4.7 million from 24,000 backers, “Alright.”

The Gravity Blanket raised more than all but one other Kickstarter project in 2017.

And Moon Pod is well on its way to becoming one of the most popular Kickstarter projects in 2018.


Go ahead, you know you want it


You can fight the urge to get Moon Pod for as long as you like, but the fact is this thing’s way too comfy skip.

Get yours before those early-birds sell out.

And tell your roommate to stop playing Fornite and go outside for once.


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