What made these 2020 Kickstarter projects so successful?

An awesome product.

A great price.

And a TON of luck.

See why these were the MOST FUNDED Kickstarter projects of 2020.

P.S. This list doesn’t include Kickstarter games, which raise a BOAT LOAD of moolah.


Most Funded Kickstarter Projects of 2020


1. The Misen Carbon Steel Pan ($2.19 Million)


Most Funded Kickstarter Projects 2020


Funds raised: $2.19 million
Number of backers: 21,993
Campaign duration: 2/4/20 – 3/4/20 – 29 Days


Why it’s cool: 

The Misen Carbon Steel Pan, eh?

Sounds like a superhero who saves the world from poorly cooked meals.

It combines the convenience of nonstick with the cooking power of cast iron.

Leaving you with an ALL-IN-ONE master pan that’s incredibly versatile and insanely light.



2. Nebia by Moen ($2.03 Million)


Most Funded Kickstarter Projects 2020


Funds raised: $2.03 million
Number of backers: 8,735
Campaign duration: 1/21/20 – 2/29/20 – 39 Days


Why it’s cool: 

Upgrading to Nebia by Moen is like going from a Model T to a Tesla.

It gives you a spa-level shower system in your very own home.

Enjoy TWICE the coverage with 45% LESS water — supercharging your morning rinse while showering YOU in savings.



3. Orba – A Musical Instrument Designed For Your Hands ($1.44 Million)


Most Funded Kickstarter Projects 2020


Funds raised: $1.44 million
Number of backers: 12,377
Campaign duration: 11/25/19 – 1/13/20 – 48 Days


Why it’s cool: 

I’m about as musically gifted as a muskrat with a tambourine.

Which is why Orba’s simplicity is what makes it so special.

It turns average Joe’s like me into Grammy-level stars.

(Well, almost.)



4. FOLDEAT – A Modular Lunchbox That Unfolds Into An Eating Mat ($1.35 Million)


Most Funded Kickstarter Projects 2020


Funds raised: $1.45 million
Number of backers: 11,980
Campaign duration: 11/12/19 – 1/10/20 – 59 Days


Why it’s cool: 

I spent more on DoorDash last year than the GDP of Fiji.

Which is probably because I’ve had the same lunchbox since 6th grade.

Upgrade to the Foldeat Modular Lunchbox.

Its compact, stackable design and 100% microwave safe containers are JUST what you need to kiss $15 mid-week lunches GOODBYE.



5. Ode Brew Grinder – Café Performance For Your Countertop ($1.22 Million)


Most Funded Kickstarter Projects 2020


Funds raised: $1.22 million
Number of backers: 4,947
Campaign duration: 12/12/19 – 2/10/20 – 60 Days


Why it’s cool: 

I don’t need coffee in the morning.

But if you talk to me before my first cup, I’m NOT liable for any injuries you sustain.

The Ode Brew Grinder will turn you into the world’s BEST barista in no time.

It produces Café-style brews at HOME.



6. HyperDrive GEN2 ($1.01 Million)

Most Funded Kickstarter Projects 2020


Funds raised: $1.01 million
Number of backers: 8,607
Campaign duration: 2/3/19 – 3/3/20 – 28 Days


Why it’s cool: 

I think the entire International Space Station is plugged into this thing.

Enjoy 2X the speed AND power with HyperDrive GEN2!




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