If James Bond carried a pen, this would be it.


NanoPen Kickstarter


Fact: The NanoPen could probably kill you


The NanoPen is kind of like a sleeping guard dog.

Sure, it looks cute and cuddly…

But mess with it once and it just might kill you.

I don’t think they intended to market this as a weapon.

But NanoPen does have a super strong Tugsten Carbide tip.

Didn’t get a 5 on your AP Chem exam? Here’s what you need to know:

Tugsten Carbide is strong as Hell.

So you know it’s durable, but what else can this versatile mini-pen do?


NanoPen Kickstarter

NanoPen Kickstarter

NanoPen Kickstarter

NanoPen Kickstarter

Just what can Kickstarter’s NanoPen do?


Better question:

What can’t it do?!?

This pen can seriously do just about everything you need it to.

And more.

It doubles as a box cutter, pocket knife, and probably even a kitchen utensil.

(Because I guess you could use it as a fork?)

The NanoPen instantly increases your keychain’s cool factor.

And makes it so you’re never left scrambling for a pen ever again.


NanoPen Kickstarter

NanoPen Kickstarter


Is the NanoPen worth the money?


Right now, you can get the NanoPen 3-pack for $20.

And you may be thinking to yourself:

“But Grant, $7 bucks per pen?! That’s crazy!”

And to you I say this:

Ehh, not really.

Look at it this way…

You’re probably going to use this every single day.

In ways that you can’t even think of right now.

It’s a super cool little gadget that you can only get on Kickstarter.

So check out their campaign page.

And don’t be surprised if you see a fellow backer who goes by the name James B.





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