My dad is retired and showers just once every 3 days.

Am I proud of this fact?


But he’s saving a TON of water.

You can save tons of water, too.

(Without smelling like a landfill.)

Thanks to the spa-like bliss of Nebia by Moen.

Here’s what makes this miracle shower system so special:

Nebia by Moen Kickstarter Review

Close you eyes and imagine the BEST shower you’ve ever taken…

Was it this morning?



Because you don’t have the Nebia by Moen shower system.


This wildly advanced system offers the most relaxing shower you’ve ever taken.


It’s like showering under a waterfall in a tropical rainforest while being hand fed grapes and watching the sun rise.


Nebia by Moen Kickstarter Review


Sure, that all sounds nice.

But why upgrade your current shower to Nebia by Moen?


1. Nebia by Moen feels absolutely amazing


Nebia by Moen Kickstarter Review


Nebia by Moen Kickstarter Review


Because let’s face it:

A shower that saves water is totally useless if it doesn’t feel great.

Nebia by Moen produces water droplets 4x more precise than standard showers.

What does that mean?

Each drop lightly kisses your skin, rather than feeling like a torrential downpour.

That’s comfort you’ll appreciate each and every morning.



2. This shower system literally pays for itself (and then some)


Nebia by Moen Kickstarter Review


Nebia by Moen Kickstarter Review


Test out Nebia’s savings calculator to see for yourself.

(Scroll halfway down the page, click on “Calculate your impact” and switch to Nebia by Moen.)

“But I’m too lazy to do that!!”


Take 30 seconds and play around with their calculator.

If you do, you’ll see that this literally pays for itself within a year.


It uses 45% less water than traditional showers.



3. It’s as easy as installing a lightbulb


Nebia by Moen Kickstarter Review

Ok, maybe it’s a little harder than that.

Still,  you’ll have this bad boy ready to go in just a few minutes.

And after that?

The value of your house will skyrocket by $100k!

(Ok, that’s another SLIGHT exaggeration.)



4. Nebia by Moen’s adjustable height and magnetic wand are ridiculously clutch


Nebia by Moen Kickstarter Review

Don’t want to get your hair wet?

No problem.

Nebia by Moen’s adjustable height makes customizing your shower experience insanely easy.

And if you’re as tall as Shaq?

Simply slide the scale to its highest setti… JK, you’re screwed.

Be sure to choose the Nebia by Moen Combo, which includes the optional magnetic unlock the full experience.



5. Its 3 new finishes are supremely sleek


Just look at these finishes.

*Commences drueling*

Nebia by Moen Kickstarter Review



Nebia by Moen Kickstarter Review



Nebia by Moen Kickstarter Review




6. Nebia by Moen is outrageously affordable at just $169



It’s a MASSIVE bathroom upgrade that’s incredibly easy to install.

So, if you want to completely change the way you shower, don’t wait.

Nebia by Moen is the real deal.

Nebia by Moen Kickstarter Review


P.S. UPDATE: My dad has now committed to showering AT LEAST 3 times per week.

The world rejoices.



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