I’m flying to Ohio tomorrow, where the temperature will be a whopping 37 degrees COLDER than where I am right now.

Which leaves me with two options:

1. Pack a winter coat to avoid freezing my ta-tas off.
2. Leave my coat at home so I actually have room for other stuff in my bag, you know, like underwear.

If only I had Pacum, a multi-functional handheld travel vacuum that helps you fit more stuff in less space.


4 Vital Things To Know About Pacum


1. Pacum doubles your suitcase space


Pacum Travel Vacuum Kickstarter


Sure, you could just buy a suitcase that’s twice the size.

But that would be like moving to Antartica for the weather…

It just wouldn’t make any sense!

And have you seen the size of overhead bins these days?

They’re smaller than my chances of accomplishing even a few of my life goals.

(And that’s saying something, people).

The Pacum travel vacuum drastically increases your carry-on capacity by condensing bulky clothes into space-saving bags.

They fit neatly in any suitcase, and making packing EVERYTHING you need an absolute breeze.


2. Pacum works 4x faster than other travel vacuums


Pacum Travel Vacuum Kickstarter


Can you imagine if everything about travel went 4x faster?

4x faster flights, 4x faster security lines, 4x faster getting off the plane so you don’t have to talk to your annoying AF seatmate anymore…

It’s undeniable, when it comes to traveling, faster is better.

Pacum works insanely quickly to remove unwanted air from your suitcase.

Which frees up a TON of space.

Letting you pack far more in the same bag you’ve always used.


3. It’s wonderfully compact.


Pacum Travel Vacuum Kickstarter


What good is a space-saving travel vacuum if it takes up nearly half your suitcase?

Good thing the team behind Kickstarter’s Pacum designed this handheld vacuum to be super small and capable of going anywhere on Earth.

WITHOUT sacrificing power, mind you.


4. Pacum is only $33 on Kickstarter (for now)



That’s a ridiculously good deal.

You can’t buy a decent sandwich at the airport for that price.

But don’t wait around too long, Pacum’s early bird Kickstarter deals are goin’ fast.



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