There was a time when people wore suits to fly.

Now you’re lucky if the dude seated next to you is even wearing any pants.

It’s true, this smart luggage won’t help you win that battle for the armrest.

But PLEVO’s brilliantly designed smart luggage will make your next trip go a whole lot smoother.


Plevo Smart Luggage Kickstarter

Plevo Smart Luggage Kickstarter


PLEVO’s smart luggage is actually… smart


Smart luggage has been around for a while now.

But most of the traditional features offered by current suitcases are pretty dang dumb.

PLEVO changes the game with dozens of epic features that you’ll actually use.

Including a removable laptop sleeve, Face ID enabled smart lock, and GPS tracking.

Look, I know what you’re thinking.

You’re probably as tempted by PLEVO as you are by that $9 cheese plate in the back of your in-flight magazine in the middle of a five hour flight…

When all you’ve had to eat all day are those strange cinnamon cookie things they give you.

But if what you read next doesn’t convince you to pull the trigger on this smart luggage, nothing else will.

Also, just buy the damn cheese plate.

You know you want it.


Plevo Smart Luggage KickstarterPlevo Smart Luggage Kickstarter


Plevo Smart Luggage Kickstarter


What’s this I hear about unique features?


So what else sets PLEVO apart?

Boy, I’m glad you asked.

This luggage comes in three convenient sizes, from compact runner bag to a full-blown checked suitcase.

Each size comes with slightly different features, but they all have fully removable wheels, a built-in digital scale, and that fancy locking technology I told you about earlier.

PLEVO luggage comes in four different colors, too.

Including our personal favorite “Pink Gold.”



Plevo Smart Luggage Kickstarter


Like a screamin’ hot deal on one-way flights, these sweet suitcases won’t be around forever.

Snag yours on Kickstarter before your next trip.

And for the love of God put on some pants before you head to the airport.