Ah, Mr. Wonderful.

An American hero.

Someone who tells it how it is in glorious, devastating detail.

These are Mr. Wonderful’s absolute best quotes from Shark Tank’s first 10 seasons.

Here’s to you, Kevin O’Leary, our favorite Shark Tank cast member.



Shark Tank Cast



1. “Did you say $1 million?! I’m having indigestion, but go on.”



2. “You’re a nothing-burger.”



3. “You’re murdering money in front of children.”





4. “Look, I don’t want to depress you.”



5. “You’re going in the wrong direction, Mr. Guitar Guy  — and son, who hasn’t said anything yet… do you speak?”



6. “I used to sell software to mothers of children so they could learn how to read and I would say to them, ‘Look, if you don’t buy my software, they’re going to live in a gutter.'”



Shark Tank Cast



7. “I’m stunned of your greed, your absolute greed.”



8. “If you were in one of my business school classes, I would spray you down with water and every time you say ‘I don’t know,’ I would hit you with an electric cattle prod.”



9. “She doesn’t understand what she did. I’m gonna send her off to therapy or something because that was insane.”





10. “If you walk out of here and a bus runs you over, you’re going to be sparkling on the pavement with that belt. That’s the problem.”



11. “You know why you’re wearing those ties? You’re pigs, and pigs get slaughtered!”



12. “Andy, how do I get my first ink-flip cartridge because I just know the friendly printer manufacturers are going to have you assassinated.”



Shark Tank Cast




13. “$4,000 in sales is absolutely nothing, I’d take you out for dinner and spend more.”




14. “Here’s the thing about me, I always tell the truth and you’re starting to get on my nerves.”




15. “Mineesh… you’re an a**hole, get the f*ck out of here.”




16. “Love the kids, love the boogers, but this is about money.”





17. “Rebecca… I hate cats.”



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