I found a perfectly ripe avocado in the fridge 2 days ago.

It was the best 10.2 seconds of my life.


Silo Food Storage Container Kickstarter


Silo keeps food fresh 5x longer


Silo is a food storage solution that keeps food fresh 5x longer with a one-touch vacuum sealer.

What does that mean for you?

You can stop throwing away $40 worth of kale every month.

Half of all produce ends up in the trash.

Which is bad news for your waistline and your wallet.


So just how does Silo work?


Silo is exceptionally simple.

You put your food in one of their BPA-free containers, press down for a few seconds, and BOOM, that sh*t is vacuum sealed, baby.

Apparently air is about as bad for your food as smoking is for your lungs.

So this system completely removes it.

It works with any food too, so that bag of stale pretzels will be a thing of the past.

It’s not like your food’s locked in there forever, either.

Simply push a button to unlock the seal.

When you’re done snacking on those Kettle Chips, just place the container back on the vacuum sealer and you’re good to go again in seconds.


Silo Food Storage Container Kickstarter

“Alexa, how old is this nasty-a** tofu?”


Silo connects with Amazon Alexa to let you know if your leftovers are still good.

Which comes in handy when you find that 3-month-old Thai in the back of your fridge.

(Hint: Do not eat that.)

Their sleek vacuum station also acts as a scale, so Alexa knows when you’re running low on Corn Flakes and can automatically order more.


Silo Food Storage Container Kickstarter

So, should you get Silo Food Containers?


All in all, Silo is an exceptionally well thought out food storage solution that belongs in your kitchen.

It’s a bit more pricy than traditional Tupperware, but it pays for itself in the food you’ll save.

You can back it on Kickstarter until November 16th.