It happened on a Wednesday.

I’d just wrapped up my daily mid-morning trip to the bathroom when tragedy struck.

As I stood to re-fasten my belt, I heard a sickening noise no man should ever have to hear.

A loud “ripppppp” came from my waist, as I looked down to see the buckle literally tear away from the rest of the belt.

I stood there with my pants around my ankles, looking at the metal clasp in one hand, and the rest of the leather belt in the other wondering, like so many times before, is this rock bottom?

I took a deep breath, threw my belt away, and kept my hands jammed in my pockets for the rest of the day to keep my pants from falling down.

This is a cautionary tale, yes, but not a sad one.

Because with the Smart Belt 2.0, my belt rippin’ days are over.


Smart Belt 2.0 Kickstarter

Haven’t I seen this belt before?


15,000 backers ordered the original Smart Belt in 2017, making it the most popular accessory in crowdfunding history.

And guess what?

Version 2.0’s trending to do even better.

Now you may be asking yourself a few questions:

“What makes a belt “smart?”

“Can it talk to Alexa?”

“Is this new-fangled belt gonna break the bank?”

Well you’re about to find out the answer to all those questions and more.


Smart Belt 2.0 Kickstarter

7 epic features that make Smart Belt 2.0 awesome


1. It has 32 adjustable tightness settings for the ultimate fit. 

I call number 27 my, “I can’t believe I just ate that entire pizza,” setting.


2. It’s made with an indestructible Kevlar core that’s 5X stronger than your belt.

Yup, that’s the bullet-proof stuff.


3. It features premium Italian leather.

Cause you fancy.


4. You can cut your own custom size.

In case 32 sizes weren’t enough already.


5. Choose from 30+ color & buckle options.

Because I’ve always wanted my belt to come in “Cognac.”


6. It’s backed by a 2-year warranty.

But you’re not gonna need it.


7. It won’t rip apart in your hands while you’re using the bathroom at work.

Not that that’s happened to me, or anything.



Go ahead, get yourself the Smart Belt 2.0


Let’s put it this way…

If the Smart Belt 2.0 were in high school, it’d be the starting quarterback, Prom Queen, and valedictorian all rolled into one.

At $59, it’s definitely more expensive than the belts you’d find at TJMaxx.

But as I’ve always said, you get what you pay for.

Simply put, Smart Belt 2.0 is the ultimate belt for the man — AKA, you.