Your eyes widen. Your pulse quickens.
You’re not in any danger. But you’re scared out of your wits.
You’re on an airplane.
And there’s something terrifying in the seat behind you.

It is, gulp, a baby.

Let’s not beat around the bush. No one likes having a crying baby onboard – least of all the kid’s poor parents. But instead of bashing your head against the tray table in front of you once the little guy starts crying, try Soulitude instead.


Soulitude is a convenient hybrid that’s perfect for traveling. It’s part light-blocking sleep mask and part noise-reducing earmuff. Comfortable memory foam covers your eyes while industrial grade earmuffs block out noise – so you’ll be snoozing on your seatmate’s shoulder in no time.

And in a world filled with strange-looking sleep aids, thankfully Soulitude actually looks good.


So unless you want to look like one of these goofballs, consider upgrading your travel sleep aid to Soulitude.

Until then, may your travels be safe.
And, hopefully, baby-free.

Check out Soulitude’s campaign here.