Where the heck was this when I was a kid?!?!

I remember my water guns having about as much power as a pre-teen bodybuilder.

But the Spyra One?

Now that’s a completely different beast.


Sypra One Water Gun Kickstarter

Spyra One: Official water gun of Batman


If Batman needed a water gun, he’d pick this one.

It delivers over a thousand high-powered, precise shots on a single charge, automatically refills in seconds, and never requires hand pumping.

Spyra One even has a digital shot counter, and delivers consistent high-pressure from shot 1 to 1,000.

Because there’s nothing worse than getting shot in the back by your Uncle, then delivering a weak-streamed response that barely even soaks the white Sketchers he’s wearing.


Sypra One Water Gun Kickstarter

Is Spyra One for kids or adults?


That’s like asking if chicken nuggets are for kids or adults…

The answer is both, playa!

Kids will love it because, well, it’s a water gun.

And adults will have a ton of fun wielding around a beefed-up squirt gun that’s actually worth a damn for once.

A team of water-loving Germans created this high-powered gadget.

And in case you hadn’t noticed, they spared no expensive in bringing us the most high-tech water gun in the history of man.


Sypra One Water Gun Kickstarter

But how much does it cost?


Well, well, well you just had to go there, didn’t you?

Isn’t there more to life than money?


There’s not?

OK, well Spyra One isn’t exactly cheap.

But neither are rocket ships.

This is a revolutionary gadget unlike any other water gun we’ve ever seen.

It’ll set you back over $100 bucks, sure, but for a summer full of laughs?

You can’t really put a price on that.


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