Before you throw on that skin-tight leotard and hop on your trusty set of wheels, you need to check out the ultra-bright Rayo Bicycle Tail-Light.

It just may just save your life one day.

Rayo Bike Light Kickstarter

Slowing down automatically triggers a flashing brake light.

What’s different about the Rayo Tail-Light?

This ultra-bright, smart tail-light is a game changer.

Outfitted with three strategically placed LED lights, Rayo archives the brightness trifecta – projecting highly visible light wide, close, and long. Together they’re almost as bright as the sun. Its connected system even recognizes when you’re slowing down and automatically triggers a brake light.

Rayo Bike Light Kickstarter

 Rayo Tail-Light Features

Rayo is fully waterproof, and let’s you completely customize your light’s blinking sequence. It also has pre-set modes designed to give you maximum visibility in all kinds of conditions. From nighttime adventures through urban jungles to midday cruises through picturesque countryside, Rayo will keep your journey well lit.

You can buy the Rayo Tail-Light on Kickstarter.

RAYO Kickstarter Bike Light GIF

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