Have you ever been stuck in the middle seat on a cross-country flight?

Knees jammed into your chest…

Two sumo-wrestlers-in-training sandwiched on either side of you fighting over YOUR armrests.

If you’re reading this, then you survived.


And while The SIX Carry-on Luggage can’t help you escape middle seat hell…

It WILL make your traveling experience exponentially better.

Here’s how:


The SIX Carry-On Luggage Kickstarter Review


1. All Performance, No Bullsh*t


The SIX Carry-On Luggage Kickstarter



Here’s the deal with modern suitcases…

They come with more device-charging capabilities than most small countries.

But how many of those fancy bells and whistles do you actually use?

Answer: Not many.

The SIX strips away all the crap and focuses on one thing and one thing only:

Making a damn good bag to carry your stuff.



2. The SIX proves your whole life has been a lie (kinda)


The SIX Carry-On Luggage Kickstarter


Pop Quiz:

What’s the IDEAL way to roll a carry-on bag?

“Ooooh, oooh, I know!”


“Behind you!”


“Ok… beside you?”


That’s right, you’ve been rolling luggage incorrectly your entire life.

And while we’re bursting your bubble, let’s get another thing out of the way…

That girl you’ve been crushing on isn’t just, “not ready to date anyone right now.”

She just thinks you’re ugly.

But now that we’ve slapped you in the face with some cold hard truth, understand this:

The SIX Carry-on Suitcase was designed to be rolled in FRONT of you for effortless steering.

No more awkwardly bumping into your fellow passengers as you drag the deadweight of your current suitcase behind you.

From now on, everything’s going to be out front and in the open.

Because pulling is out, and PUSHING is in.




3. Wait, why do they call it “The SIX”?


The SIX Carry-On Luggage Kickstarter


Because it costs $6,000, duh.

Just kidding.

This bad boy has a whopping SIX WHEELS!

Including two extra-large polyurethane tires that handle ANY terrain with ease.

They’re completely silent, too.

(Because everybody hates that guy trucking through the airport with squeaky wheels.)

This is also G-RO’s 6th product.

So the name fits, baby.



4. The 66° Degree Handle Angle Is Jussssst Right


The SIX Carry-On Luggage Kickstarter


65 degrees?

“Too acute, you fool!”

67 degrees?

“Be gone, you obtuse-obsessed scoundrel.”

That’s how I like to image the creators’ conversation as they came up with this absurdly specific handle angle.

But there’s actually a lot of science behind it.

Over time, holding your wrist at a less-than-ideal angle can really take its toll.

But at exactly 66° degrees, this handle is designed to maximize comfort.



5. The SIX Carry-On Luggage Gives you 10% more packing space


The SIX Carry-On Luggage Kickstarter


“Pshhhhhh, just 10%? That’s nothing!”


How would you like to be 10% thinner?

How about 10% stronger?

Or have 10% more hair?

What if your d*** was 10% bigger?


In the right context, a 10% change can make a BIG difference.

So the next time you’re trying to cram all of your stuff into your current suitcase, imagine if you had 10% MORE packing space.

With The Six, you get 38L of pure packing volume.

(That’s a TON by the way.)

How do they do it?

A unique design with components built INTO the polycarbonate shell itself.

So you won’t lose an ounce of internal packing space.


Final Takeaways on The SIX Carry-on Luggage


The SIX Carry-On Luggage Kickstarter


If you need your suitcase to charge all five of your iPads at once, this luggage isn’t for you.

But if you need something that will get you from point A to point B simply, easily, and effectively, The SIX Suitcase is the only way to go.

Be sure to check out The SIX’s Kickstarter campaign before it ends.

And for the love of all things holy…

Do NOT book middle seats on cross-country flights!


The SIX Carry-On Luggage Kickstarter



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