Look out, Nike.

Tropic’s comin’ for ya.


Tropic Shoe Kickstarter


Tropic is a wildly versatile hybrid shoe


Simply put, you’d need four different types of shoes to get what Tropic gives you in one.

Tropic stylishly combines:

  1. Everyday sneakers
  2. Water shoes
  3. Running shoes
  4. Hiking boots

It’s the most versatile shoe we’ve ever seen at an absurdly affordable price of less than 80 bucks.

If you want a pair of shoes that you can literally take anywhere, skip Zappos and get these right now.


Tropic Shoe Kickstarter


Tropic’s epic features


So, what makes these shoes so special?

A lot.

They’re incredibly lightweight — just 7 ounces.

And “water friendly,” too.

What’s that mean?

Well, we’re not really sure.

But judging by the GIF above, they’ll do just fine if you step in a puddle  — or go swimming in the freakin’ ocean.

Pair those awesome features with the ultimate combination of breathability and comfort, and you’ve got yourself a damn good pair of shoes.


Tropic Shoe Kickstarter


Tropic Shoe Kickstarter


Tropic Shoe Kickstarter



Tropic shoes are machine washable, and anti-odor too.

So you won’t have to worry about smelling your latest adventure long after it’s over.

You can still get early bird specials on Tropic’s Kickstarter page.

And you better believe that somewhere, deep in the heart of Oregon, Phil Knight just woke up in a cold sweat.