You know those commercials for the big security companies?

Where they’re like, “And if you call us right now, we’ll install it for FREE!!”

Gee, thanks.

You mean I don’t have to pay extra to install the $3,000 security system I just bought?


The VAVA Home Cam is completely different.


VAVA Home Cam Kickstarter

Just how many smoke alarms do you really need?


VAVA is an insanely affordable wireless security camera that ditches all the bells and whistles that the big guys put in their expensive bundles.

Are you actually gonna use 40 motion sensors, 17 smoke alarms, and a night-vision camera that shoots potential intruders with laser beams?

Heck no!


VAVA Home Cam Kickstarter


Monthly fees? Not up in here.


The VAVA Home Cam  is super simple.

It’s completely wireless, sticks to anything in seconds, and costs exponentially less than its competitors.

Use it inside or outside in any weather.

And its durable battery lasts a fully year, too.

But the best part? VAVA has no monthly fees.


VAVA Home Cam Kickstarter


VAVA Home Cam is real easy on the eyes


This security camera offers a beautifully sleek, minimalist design that’ll blend in nicely with any style home.

Unless your place is an absolute dump.

In which case it’s time to get off your butt and start cleaning the house, mister!

Anyway, by now you get the idea.

When it comes to home security, you have two choices.

  1.  Pay for an overpriced, overcomplicated set of bells and whistles from one of the big guys.
  2.  Or get VAVA, a super simple security system that just plain works.


VAVA Home Cam Kickstarter


VAVA’S Campaign ends October 5th


The VAVA Home Cam is trending to become one of the most popular Kickstarter projects of 2018, so snag yours before their campaign ends on October 5th.

They actually still have early bird deals left.

So the next time ADT tries to tempt you with their “Free” installation, tell them that they can shove their bullsh*t bundle where the sun don’t shine.

OK, that was a bit graphic.

Just politely tell them that you’re not interested.

Because you already have this.



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